What Is The Best Face Mask To Use This Period?

What Is The Best Face Mask To Use This Period?

There have been many questions about the best face mask to use in preventing the spread of Covid-19. Are cloth masks safe? Should we use medical masks?

Well, in Harris County, a mask order is in place requiring workers and customers above the age of 10 to use a face mask at all times in businesses.

What is the best face mask we should be wearing?

what is the best face mask to use this period?

Dr. Stacy Rose of Baylor College of Medicine, in an interview with ABC13, talked about the masks people should be wearing and how they should be worn to ensure maximal benefits in these times.

She encouraged all to wear their masks properly, ensuring that they fully cover the nose and mouth. Leaving them on the jaw, hanging from one ear, or covering either the nose or mouth is a NO-NO.

When asked about the best masks for safety between cloth and medical masks, she simply said this:

"We don't have any data to suggest that one is better. As long as you're wearing a cloth face covering, that should be sufficient to protect others, which is really what these masks in public are intended to do."

What about masks that promise increased protection or filtration?

what is the best face mask to use this period?

According to Dr. Rose, unless the FDA clears a face mask, it may be no better than a cloth mask regardless of what the manufacturing company says about how much protection it affords you. So, the best face mask is that which protects you and others.

She also mentioned that the N-95 masks are face masks reserved for health workers.

She went further to encourage all to play their part by practicing safe social distancing and wearing a face covering.

According to her, it is our public duty to do all we can to protect our families, friend, and neighbors. So, wash your hands frequently, wear a face mask, and practice social distancing.