what is sexy? real conversations with the right people

Small talk is fine, but we’re missing intense, meaningful conversations. Let’s bring them back because they are just as sexy as lace lingerie or candles.

When was the last time you had a proper conversation? Think about it, because it’s been a while for most of us. And it’s not that these deep conversations can be therapeutic. The genuinely impressive ones, where you bare your soul to the other person, they are hot, powerful, like any other aphrodisiac.

Not all talk is cheap

Chit chats and instant messaging make everyday life more interesting. But real intimacy comes from those late-night talks, about everything and nothing when you’re expressing your feelings without holding back. That’s moving, and that is what makes people bond.

The real conversations start when you connect with someone on a superficial level. Not all talks have to be about the current topics, politics, or other essential things. In fact, most of the time, the same issues are used for chit chats. When you’re showing your true colors, while maintaining eye contact, that’s where the real you comes out.

Talk dirty to me

Real, profound conversations can take down all your walls. You are all that you are, there’s no need to be anything else. And when you find a partner who’s accepting and responding in a similar matter, then passion will explode.

It’s a way to bare your soul, a beautiful, sensual insight into your world. And it’s not a game; it’s not a competition. Just two people, looking at their faces while telling each other their deepest secrets. That’s the only reliable way to get to know a person. And it’s much sexier than any text message or selfie of the intimate parts. P.S. Those pictures are genuinely tacky!

Speaking of texting…

Facetime, various texting apps, they are good for all of us who live far from our loved ones. But, we still have to figurate a way to make smartphone conversations more profound, more intimate. There’s nothing as beneficial or as personal as talking to someone while looking at their eyes. It’s like you’re getting to know what ticks them, what makes them unique.

Furthermore, you can’t really look at someone’s body language or feel the chemistry when you’re talking online. It’s not the same, nor should it be. Often, we don’t have a choice, but that’s what makes real conversations even more worthy. They truly are the little things that have a big impact on our lives.

Real talk and silence

When you’re opening up to someone, and they are responding, you’ll get to that point where you’re both speechless. That silence isn’t calculated or uncomfortable. It’s a sign that you’re both thinking, processing what the other person told you. And it can be a moment when two people realize just how much they want to into each other’s lives.

There’s a lot to say about silence. It’s testing your patience, yet similarly, it can be very calming. That silence can tell you a lot about what you’re feeling at the moment when the conversations stop. And once it starts again, the same silence gives you a push into getting more up close and personal.

Saying that talking isn’t sexy simply means that you haven’t had a deep and honest conversation with someone you’re sort of crushing on. You can’t force it, yet you’ll know when it comes. It’s a moment when two souls collide, and there is no one else in the world. Just you and the person you’re talking to. It doesn’t get much hotter than that!