What Is Hustlers University?

If you want to make money online and have been surfing the internet of late, you've probably heard the name Andrew Tate or his educational program called Hustlers University.

If you are interested in what it is, you probably want to know whether it teaches legitimate business ventures. There could be other questions surrounding this that you want answers to.

In this Hustlers University review, we will be taking a look at what you can expect to get if you decide to join Hustlers University.

What Is Hustlers University?

Hustlers University is an online platform that offers educational content and practical advice on how to set up and run an online business. It is hosted on Discord. They teach people about wealth creation and get you started on the right path.

The latest iteration is Hustlers University 3.0 and there have been numerous reviews about the program recently due to Tate's rise to fame.

The process of upgrading to Hustlers University 3.0 is underway and they are also working on another project called The Real World that works in much less the same way; providing users advice online on how to do things or make money.

The goal of Hustler's University is to make you financially successful, so you can join the War Room. This is a program where you are surrounded by elite-level people who help each other out.

They teach you how wealth creation works to help you advance to the War Room.

The mentors are verified by Andrew Tate and one of the requirements is that they have a multi-millionaire status.

These have to be successful at what they do and have real-life experience with the subject matter that they are teaching.

To get started, you have to pay a monthly subscription, fill in your credit card details, and then install Discord on your computer (and create an account).

After that, you can then head to the "Start-here" intro tutorial section and follow along step by step. You'll be provided with a series of tutorials (both written and videos) where the professors help you determine your current situation.

They'll find the best possible action for you to take to start making money through what's called the "Cash-Flow Quadrant."

Once you've gone through this, you'll choose a profession (skill) you should learn and master.

In a nutshell, Hustlers University aims to teach you the money-making skills to turn your monthly salary into a weekly income.

Who Is Andrew Tate?

Much has been written or said about Emory Andrew Tate III but for the sake of this review, I will give you a brief overview of who he is.

Andrew grew up in a UK council estate, got into kickboxing and had a professional career, and later became an online personality.

How Did Tate Get Rich?

Andrew Tate tried many business ideas, and his first breakthrough came with a webcam business.

He became a multi-millionaire with webcam studios where he'd have men call in to talk to girls. It is often considered a scam where Andrew is accused of manipulating people. It is a whole story that we will not get into here.

He moved on to other legitimate businesses, created online video lessons, started Hustlers University, and has other undisclosed online business projects.

Andrew Tate is quite wealthy and besides, Hustlers University has plenty of other businesses. He doesn't run Hustler's University alone and has hired a network of professionals, called "the professors" who will be your mentors.

Andrew Tate Banned From Social Media

Andrew "Cobra" Tate blew up online due to his views on a variety of social issues. He was known for making controversial statements about women and dating, mental health, and masculinity.

The affiliate marketing campus benefited from all the attention he was getting.

However, there was outrage online and people called on social media platforms to ban him. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok listened and de-platformed him entirely, accusing him of infringing their policies.

How Does Hustlers University Work?

Hustlers University is hosted on Discord's private servers. Discord is a community-based platform where people can talk, chat, and hang out. Networking, which Andrew is a big fan of, works best in such an environment.

Hustlers University is unlike other online courses that tend to have a series of videos with content and a generic Facebook group.

Andrew Tate claims that for you to learn effectively and take action, you need to have a community where students help each other out, and you can ask questions or chat directly with your mentors.

When you sign up, they show you where to find the lessons and resources, how to open up specific channels, and other details.

They encourage you to show some effort and act on the material to succeed.

Hustlers University Campuses

Hustler's University is on Discord and it is divided into online business programs that teach different things. Each business model has its own campus (private discord servers).

There are many skills that you can pick from. Some require money, while others don't require starting capital. The campuses they have to include:




Stocks and Option trading

Amazon FBA, Print on Demand, Publishing, etc.


Each has its own Discord Channel.

The onboarding process involves going through introductions, the material to go through, choices to be made, channels to unlock, and quizzes to answer.

They have structured the program to introduce you to the environment, establish where you are in life and the money-making methods that best suit your situation.

For that, they have the Time/Cash quadrant system to give you the best start.

Once you've chosen the skill you want to learn for making money online, you'll join the channel specific to that skill.

Hustlers University has a lot of information and you can easily be bombarded with information overload if you venture around and have no experience with any of the stuff they teach.

The onboarding process encourages you to only pick one skill, work on that skill, master it, and make money with it before you start adding to it.

Unless you have a lot of time and money, it is tough to do multiple things at once because each section is so massive. The smart thing to do is pick one skill that you like and go from there. It is almost impossible to have five legitimate business ventures at once.

When you navigate your category and familiarize yourself with the mentors, you find out that they are in the field doing what they teach.

How Is Hustlers University Different?

The internet is full of get-rich-quick scheme programs that promise you'll make money on day one with some outdated business model. They promise you the world but fail to deliver even after charging you money.

It is only natural that you question whether the Hustler's University monthly subscription fee is worth the money or a waste of time.

You may also think that Hustler's University is a scam, a multi-level, marketing scheme, or a fraud and don't believe that HU 2.0 is useful for beginners.

People like dismissing every program as a scam or a pyramid scheme before they even look into it because that gets a lot of attention and clicks (sales tactics).

What Hustler's University offers, besides teaching you how to make money, is that it makes you part of a community that actively helps you to learn new skills, make more money, and become a better person.

Having a group of like-minded creators come together with a common goal is quite powerful.

On the internet, you'll find screenshots of students who post the commission they made through basic affiliate marketing training.

The professors, who teach the program, are genuine, real-life professionals.

Besides, most members are young and intelligent, with a huge net worth and millions in the bank. They all make their money from what they teach. They are hand-picked by Andrew Tate.

Hustlers University also gives you the crucial mindset to get a cash flow going as fast as possible.

There are high-income skills that don't require a starting capital, only a dedication to learning, and the internet.

The goal is to make your initial investment back and you get advice from people who are making waves in the real world.

HU2 has over 100,000+ students, who've had personal access to experts who know the secrets to actual wealth creation.

Hustlers University Pricing

The pricing structure of Hustlers University is a monthly subscription that costs $49 per month. You can quit at any time.

There are no hidden fees when you join although there are some extra costs that you learn about when you are inside.

These come in the form of subscriptions you have to pay for or software tools you need to get started. Then there's the capital you need if, for example, you are trading stocks, options, or crypto or buying inventory for your eCommerce business or Amazon FBA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hustler's University 3.0 The Latest Product Update?

Hustlers University is constantly undergoing upgrades. They have a 3-year-long roadmap to becoming the best learning platform on the internet.

Hustler's University 3.0 is the newest version of it and it will be an upgrade to Hustler's University 2.0. They are also working on a new custom platform for Hustlers University that won't have Discord once it's live.

It will have new study material, video lessons, and tons of content. There will be early morning live stream power-ups to get you started on the right mindset for work and new quizzes will be added to expand your knowledge through repetitive learning.

The downside is that Hustlers University plans to increase the price once the upgrades are complete. If you want to avoid this, you should have an active membership before the price increase.

Who Is Hustler's University For?

Hustlers University is meant for people who want to start some kind of online business, make a side income that can turn into a full-time income, learn high-income skills, and learn how to monetize skills that are in demand.

Another thing that doesn't get mentioned is that you will be more likely to get into the program if you don't find Andrew Tate problematic. If you don't like him, you should avoid the program because he is the one who runs the program.

Can You Join Hustlers University After Andrew Tate's Ban?

Yes, you can. Hustlers University continues to be open and has not closed down even after Andrew Tate was banned from social media.

It is still an active and thriving community with thousands of students. The only thing that was discontinued was the Affiliate Program that used to allow students to market the course to other people and earn a small commission when they got them to subscribe.

Does Hustlers University Work?

Hustlers University is divided into campuses. They include copywriting, freelancing, and crypto, just to mention a few that have a dedicated channel where students can share their progress and success.

Every day, students report their progress and back it up with real screenshots.

The key to making it work is to work hard and practice what they teach you religiously. Otherwise, if you don't put in the work, it doesn't yield results.

You can also join Hustler's University to learn about crypto from professionals or to improve your investment portfolio and while you are not guaranteed success, you will still learn a thing or two you can implement.

Is Hustlers University A Monthly Payment?

Yes, Hustlers University is structured in a way that you have to pay for it just like Netflix, Spotify, or any other subscription service.

Hustlers University has an ongoing monthly subscription but you can cancel that at any time.

How Can You Make Money From Hustlers University?

Before it was banned, the direct way for you to make money from HU was through the affiliate program. You'd get paid for referrals; recruiting new members.

The indirect way (or the direct way depending on how you see it) that you can make money from HU is by setting up an online business courtesy of the lessons you learn from the mentors.

You will make from the different skills that you learn, such as:

E-commerce, Shopify, and Amazon stores

Trading crypto, investing in stocks and options, and forming business statements for clients

Twitter ghostwriting

Creating content with an affiliate link and marketing that on social media platforms

Creating promotional videos for clients

Email Copywriting

Freelancing is where you do things like video editing, and making promo videos, just to mention a few

Therefore, you will make money from Freelancing, Stocks trading, Copywriting, Crypto trading, E-commerce, and Amazon FBA.

Each field has its separate campus with a dedicated professor that teaches the individual business model.

When Did Hustlers University Start?

Andrew Tate launched Hustlers University in 2021.

Is Hustlers University Legit?

Yes, Hustlers University is a legitimate program for learning about starting a business, brainstorming business ideas, running a long-term business, and earning online money through various skills.

Hustlers University already has thousands of monthly paying customers and frequent student success stories.

Most people who call it illegitimate do so because they don't understand how it works and come into it with a warped understanding of how to succeed.

They also come into it with unrealistic expectations of what they will get out of Hustlers University. Therefore, let's take a look at what you can realistically expect from HU when you join.

What Should I Expect Going Into Hustlers University?

So here is what you should expect going into Hustlers University and, in general, how making money online works:

You Have To Work Hard To Succeed

Most people believe that joining a course, a program, or reading about how to make money online is enough to start making money.

That is a skewed view of how things work in reality.

Hustlers University teaches you everything you need to know about making money online but you have to be a student, sit down and learn. You have to take action, try things out, and fail along the way until you succeed.

You Will Not Make Money Straight Away

If you are desperate for money when you join, you will be disappointed. The money doesn't come when you start implementing the lessons immediately. It takes time to get there.

Your priority is to sit and learn, implement what you are taught, and be patient.

Picking a business model and making money online relatively fast is still possible, but it will take work, effort, time, and SKILL.

Skills Take Time To Learn

Making money requires skill and experience. HU has skillful mentors and they all have one thing in common. They are skilled at what they do.

The skills they have take time to cultivate. Just like a salesperson who starts out, it will take them time to become good at it.

Therefore, learning how to be good at eCommerce, copywriting, or trading takes time.

Most likely, you will be utterly clueless at first if you are just starting, but your mentor is there to guide you on the correct path. Having a mentor dramatically alters your learning curve and it takes less time for you to master the skill than you would if you were blindly feeling things out on your own.

What Hustlers University do is that they teach people the skills but you need to take the time and effort to make it happen.

Andrew Tate has been quoted saying that you deserve precisely everything that you have today. Therefore, having a mentor will also prompt a mindset shift.

Final Verdict On Hustlers University

The question as to whether Hustlers University is worth it is a highly subjective one. You should make your own decision after reading Hustlers University reviews in detail.

So, is Hustlers University worth it?

Hustlers University is ideal for beginners (cash poor time rich) who want to learn what is covered on its various campuses. The training can also be beneficial to people who are a bit more experienced.

That being said, will you start making money on day one? No, and that's a bit of a stretch especially if you're new to business and entrepreneurship.

Hustler's University is best suited to you if you are a fan of Andrew Tate and have no problem paying $50 every month for a service that teaches you ways of making money online.

One thing you appreciate about HU is that it is not full of unrealistic claims. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme because they emphasize putting in the work to get results. There is some marketing material that will try to make it sound easy but overall, it is not preachy.

One of the biggest criticisms of Hustlers University is that there are free courses that offer the same information as HU if not more.

Finally, I genuinely hope that this Hustlers University 2.0 review was of help to you and will help you make a good decision about the program.