What Is An Old Soul? What It Means And The Struggles We Face


The impact of millennials is shaping our world, but not all members of this generation agree with the changes. Some millennials have an "old soul," which presents unique challenges in modern society. Although they have changed the way things are done, they don't necessarily embrace all changes due to their traditional approach.

What Is An Old Soul?

The definition of an old soul, according to, is "a person who demonstrates a maturity, understanding, or seriousness that is typical of someone much older." While this definition is accurate, there is more to being an old soul than just these qualities.

Old souls often feel out of place among their peers, as they have different interests, hobbies, and priorities compared to others their age. They are often perceived as too traditional or square. Despite this, they believe they possess the knowledge of a good life.

Qualities Of An Old Soul

1. We're Always Looking For Deeper Meaning In Life

These individuals feel certain that they have a greater purpose on this planet, and they continuously strive to discover what that is. They are motivated to make a difference in the world and to maximize their limited time here. They understand that tomorrow is never promised.

2. We're Spiritual Beings

Old souls are not necessarily religious, but they are often deeply connected to spirituality in some way. They seek comfort in connecting to higher powers, including the power within themselves.

3. We Feel Like We've Lived Many Lifetimes

Some of us are even convinced that we have indeed achieved our goals. Perhaps, we could be correct.

4. We Gravitate Towards Older People

The people we surround ourselves with, whether they are friends or romantic partners, are usually much older than us. It's just how it is, and it tends to make things easier for everyone involved.

5. We're Very Introspective And Self-Aware

Those with an old soul are often considered "deep" because of their philosophical and introspective nature. Although this may irritate some, it is simply a natural aspect of our personality.

Struggles Of Having An Old Soul

1. We Think Sex Should Mean Something

We cannot fathom the idea of engaging in casual sex without any emotional attachment. For us, sex is an emotional experience that we share with someone we truly care about. Without that emotional connection, it becomes a meaningless act that leaves us feeling hollow and melancholy.

2. We Don't Get The Appeal Of Snapchat

We have already grown accustomed to using smartphones and picture messaging, and we don't see much of a purpose in using Snapchat other than sending pictures that will disappear. We aren't particularly fond of sending or receiving those types of pictures in the first place.

3. We Think Song Lyrics Should Actually Be About Something

People with old souls tend to listen to music that is older than they are, as they appreciate songs with meaningful messages and stories. Contemporary music often revolves around casual sex or money-making, so we prefer to listen to classic tunes that evoke emotions and have a soulful quality.

4. We Don't Want To Do Everything In/With A Group

We live in a society that promotes group activities and being social, but we don't necessarily find that appealing. People may find it strange that we prefer solitude, but we need alone time to recharge and reflect.

5. We Think Most Reality TV Is Completely Ridiculous

Shows that revolve around the day-to-day drama of so-called real housewives or a large group of adults living together and constantly engaging in petty behavior and hookups are unappealing to us. These shows lack a storyline and are simply annoying due to the constant drama.

6. We Don't Want To Play Games Or Play The Field

When we are single, we prefer to focus on our own interests. However, when we meet someone we are interested in, we are not interested in playing games or dating multiple people to make them jealous. Instead, we want to explore the possibility of a real connection. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to find a serious relationship in a world where people refuse to commit and ignore those who don't play games.

7. We're Not Afraid Of Commitment, But Everyone Else Is

Our belief in true love is rooted in the old-fashioned kind that fills our hearts with joy and warmth whenever we reminisce about our partner and envision growing old with them, still in love after many years. Unfortunately, it appears that many individuals today prefer to remain single and face the possibility of spending their golden years alone rather than commit to a lifelong partner.

8. We Fear For The Next Generation

As people who desire children, we face a unique challenge. Not only is it challenging to find a partner who wants to make big commitments such as marriage and having kids, but we also worry about the world our potential children will inherit. We don't want to be overly protective, but we also don't want our children to grow up like many of the people we see around us who know pop songs by heart but have never heard classic rock anthems like "Hotel California."

9. We Think Modern Beauty Standards Are Ridiculous And Unrealistic

It's absurd that having curves has become a negative trait for women. We aren't naturally designed to have chiseled abs or a significant gap between our thighs. Even if society deems that attractive, we prefer a different look. Additionally, we find comfort in cuddling with soft pillows rather than hard surfaces.

10. We Give Zero F*Cks What Others Think Of Us

Embracing our uniqueness has always been a part of our identity, and we're content with that. Although some may view us as eccentric or out-of-date, we have no desire to conform to societal norms. Our old-fashioned sensibilities define us, and we cherish them, choosing never to alter them.

11. Staying In Is Much More Appealing To Us Than Going Out

We enjoy socializing, but solitude is where we replenish our energy. With constant thoughts bombarding us, we need time to unwind. Rather than going out for a wild night, we would opt to indulge in our favorite hobby and spend a peaceful evening at home.