What If These Crazy Conspiracy Theories Are True?

What If These Crazy Conspiracy Theories Are True?

The moon landing, Buzz Aldrin on the moon... Or was it in a Hollywood studio.

The US Didn't Land On The Moon (Like They Say They Did)

what if these crazy conspiracy theories are true?
Buzz Aldrin on the moon... Or a Hollywood studio

When Neil Armstrong was taking the first steps for mankind on the moon, everyone was watching. Even the Soviets, as they were mad because the U.S just won the space race. And for this, some people say it was all a hoax staged by NASA to get their victory. Those claims were denied but still live in the mind of the most persistent fans.

They say that in the pictures, the flag seems to move by the wind. How can that be happening on the moon? There's an explanation for that. A regular flag wouldn't work up there, so they designed special flags that can stick out by themselves.

The Queen Killed Diana

what if these crazy conspiracy theories are true?

One of the most tragic nights for the royal family was when Princess Diana was killed. It showed how dangerous the paparazzi could be. She was a feisty princess that did everything but be ordinary. Conspiracy theories appeared quickly. Some people think her death was the result of an MI6 plot following the orders of the Queen.

Queen Elizabeth, also thought it was a murder. Royal expert, Ingrid Seward, wrote in her book My Husband and I: "The Queen was bewildered and caught up by the mood of suspicion as to what had caused the accident. Her first comment was to say: 'Someone must have greased the brakes' when she heard of her death."

There are many reasons why people say someone wanted Diana dead. Some say she was pregnant and about to marry Dodi Al-Fayed, and the next king of England couldn't have a Muslim step-father. Even for Dodi's father, this was a possibility and he launched an investigation after the accident.

But the truth is that every report agrees with the official statement. Diana was in a car driven by a drunk driver.

The NSA Spies On You Through Your Laptop And Cellphone Camera

what if these crazy conspiracy theories are true?

We all remember that Mark Zuckerberg's pic with his laptop with tape on the camera (which we cannot show you for copyright reasons... Thanks, Mark). We all have heard this one before. Is the NSA looking through your camera, or the FBI looking at your web search? Thanks to these concerns, we all feel a bit skeptical about how private we can keep ourselves.

At first, I thought these conspiracy theories were bonkers. But they've gained traction among social media users. To be honest, this might be the only one in this list we have to keep an eye on (or maybe close that eye with a sticker on the camera).

We'll never be sure about this. What is real is the dangers within the deep web and all the hackers that couldn't care less about privacy.

It takes little research online to read the creepy stories of people who received threats and realized someone hacked their camera. Even ex-FBI director James Comey, who served under Barack Obama, admitted he used a piece of tape over his camera.

A boss I had used to do this, and I thought he was paranoid, but maybe not so much. We live in a world where fiction is becoming a new reality.

Big Pharma Holds The Cure For Cancer

what if these crazy conspiracy theories are true?

When you hear "Big Pharma," you usually think about conspiracy theories. Some are somewhat plausible, while others are outright insane. For example, some campaigns against vaccines use conspiracy theories. Most conspiracy theories say they either cause illnesses on purpose or keep their cures a secret to get money from the treatment. And, obviously, cancer is one popular topic.

However, various scientists have made headlines explaining why this is impossible. As cancer is just a group of diseases, it would take much time to test it on each type and stage to be sure that it's the cure. Can you imagine doing that without anyone noticing? When everyone has been looking for a treatment for years?

It's almost impossible to keep such a secret from everyone that's working in the sector and everyone that needs testing. Also, there's no benefit in keeping the secret as pharmaceutical corporations need to profit from the investment in research.

COVID-19 Is A Chinese Weapon

what if these crazy conspiracy theories are true?
President Donald Trump has a long history of supporting claims by conspiracy theorists

Since President Trump claimed the White House had evidence about the Wuhan Institute of Virology creating the virus, this theory got its fans. However, even some Intelligence Offices in the United States have said there's no evidence on this. Here, you can apply the same principle of Big Pharma. The virus is being studied in every country in the world, and everyone is racing for the cure. It's hard to say if it's true when there's no scientific evidence to support this.

Many agree that the bat was the origin of it, but unlike the memes that have made us believe, it wasn't from some bat soup. The origin was an intermediary animal that made the connection with humans to spread the virus.

If you want it to get crazier, some Twitter users believe the novel coronavirus was a cover-up for an illness originated by electromagnetic fields introduced by 5G and wireless technologies.

Whatever theory you might think is true, the reality is, stay home (if reading conspiracy theories will help, do it), wash your hands, and use your mask.