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What If Theaters Started Putting Fries Instead Of Popcorn?

What If Theaters Started Putting Fries Instead Of Popcorn?

The savory smell. The crunchy bite. The salty kick. The buttery finish. Many people will smell the flavor of their favorite quintessential movie snacks everywhere. Nearly everybody loves popcorn while watching a movie in theaters or even at home.

Popcorn is just as an economically significant snack to the modern movie theater as it was to movie theaters of the old days. Many people often complain about the high prices of movie concessions. But there is an economic basis because popcorn is cheap to make, making it the primary profit maker for movie theaters.

Movie theaters make an estimated 85 percent profit off concession sales. These sales constitute 46 percent of movie theater's overall profits. But what if these favorite movie-going snacks were replaced with fries?

Some people would really rather eat fries than popcorn in theaters. Even though for you to enjoy a favorite movie, you might need a smell-free environment, the stench of burnt fats and fries around the cinema would really make a great atmosphere.

However, fries get cold and soggy quickly. And when cold, they are just gross. So, with a bucket of fries, you need a portable heater or pack of hot water to keep them warm through a 90+ minute movie.

Another reason you shouldn't bring fries to theaters is that some people prefer their fries with chili sauce for taste. And liquid sauce in a dark movie cinema would be a mess. You could accidentally spill it over to your partner or on the seats, which would be hard to clean up.

Fries are salty, fatty, and delicious. Every single bite is absolute heaven, and there are no regrets, no matter how many you eat. Even when you are belching on the floor with your delicious food. This is the food you want to bring on a deserted island, but it's in no way an appropriate snack for movie theaters.

Popcorn has proved to be the perfect movie theater partner for many unforeseen reasons. Unlike fries, which could only be produced in a kitchen, popcorn could be made on a large scale and from a mobile cart. Popcorn carts also doubled as peanut carts, giving patrons a variety of options and theaters the ability to make additional profits.

Popcorn is an excellent choice for movies. You can get it unbuttered or buttered, but the plain one is much healthier because it has less calorie content. Even so, many people in movie theaters don't care what is healthy or not, as long as they enjoy it.