Alcoholism It is a serious addiction to alcohol that causes a lot of pain and hurt to families and people involved.

After falling in love with an alcoholic, I learned a lot of tough lessons. There are things that I wish I could have known before I gave my heart to an alcoholic.

Here are some things that I wish I knew, and that you should know if you love an alcoholic.

Love cannot make someone to recover

No matter how much you love him, you cannot save him from alcoholism. You will stand by them, fight for them, and try to fight against alcoholism thinking that you will help him with the problem, but he has to save himself.

Trying to heal an alcoholic with love emotionally derailed me. It made my partner realize that I failed and it caused him to drink more.

Alcoholism is a disease

When dealing with an alcoholic sometimes it made me feel as if they are making a conscious decision of not being sober. I believed that love is powerful and can make someone get through any problem. It was painful when I realized that he couldn’t just change from addiction when he wants to.

No person wants to hurt himself and destroy his relationship from the one who loves him.

Make alcohol a priority

Alcoholics will choose to drink all through before doing anything else. They will not prioritize to spend time with the people in their life. They’ll drink all day and night. Trying to sober up to engage in their relationship makes them feel attacked by withdrawal symptoms and causes relapses.

Isolation from loved ones

Sometimes I would lose myself in the middle of taking care of him, knowing I will never give back the love I was giving.

An alcoholic will take most of your time. He will take your attention and expect you to give all the care that he needs. The power of alcohol in him will make him manipulative, and even drive away people who matter in your life away, people who could have helped you out or to see things differently.

A deeper problem than visible ones

Insecurity, lack of enough love as a child, inferiority complex and low self-esteem make him drink in order to feel powerful. Someone could have gone through childhood traumas and emotionally deprived. I wish I knew Alcoholism isn’t always caused by someone just simply wanting to have a drink.

He will never love you as you deserve

An alcoholic is all in for a relationship with alcohol, and until he manages that, you will never get the love that you deserve. In the recovering process, it requires a lot of time and commitment to enable them to get the care they need to heal. This leaves little no time at all for anybody in his life.


Being in a relationship doesn’t mean it is your full responsibility to take care of someone. It means as much as you are taking care of them they are supposed to be taking care of you. You can’t forget your entire life in trying to help him get out of addiction. You cannot always be at the giving end without receiving. A relationship is all about receiving and giving.

Living in fear of their relapse

If the alcoholism habit of your partner is bad, you should note that even when they are in recovery, the fear of relapse will still be there. Relapses can be highly terrifying especially to alcohol lovers because in most cases they are unexpected. They take place when you thought you are in the clear, and they are very emotional, painful and tumultuous.