What I Learned When I Tried To Use Bumble BFF To Find Friends

What I Learned When I Tried To Use Bumble Bff To Find Friends

I am no stranger to putting myself out there. I have traveled far and wide, and I am always trying to make friends. I love introducing myself to new people and socializing at parties.

When I moved to Canada with my boyfriend and making friends became a challenge, I had to try something new. I tried the Bumble BFF app. It's like Tinder, but for friends.

Anyway, it seemed just like the thing I needed to find a new bunch of exciting friends. As I used the app, I learned a few things. For instance:

1. Creating A Friend-Dating Profile Is Very Weird

There is nothing hard about creating a friend-dating profile on Bumble BFF. You upload your best photos. This is where it can get weird because you can upload anything of yourself. The best approach is to use photos that show your interests or personality.

2. I Noticed That I'm Very Judgmental

I like to think I am a very open-minded person who accepts people regardless of their choices in life or their quirks. I quickly realized how much I cared about how people look. I dismissed a lot of potential friends based on minor issues like how they wrote up their bios or fixed their hair.

3. It Feels Strange Choosing Friends

With BFF Bumble, you have to choose friends based on a short profile and a few photos. This is harder than it sounds. Choosing a romantic partner is easy. With Bumble BFF, I did not even care about the bio or the photos. I just kept swiping until I found girls with makeup I liked.

4. Some Connections Are Too Intense

Some of the connections on Bumble BFF were just off. They demanded to be called BFFs immediately, and others wanted the first meeting to be at their houses. That is to be expected, you find all kinds on the web.

5. Girls Have Three Things In Common

After having a look at many profiles, I realized most girls loved three things above all else: traveling, wine, and Netflix. You will have quite a challenge in finding a profile that does not cover these three passions. It's all good, it shows we have more things in common.

6. Making The First Move Feels Weird

After making your choice, you have to chat them up in just 24 hours. That is the way to keep your connection active. However, making the first move is a little awkward. Apparently, approaching other women is not as easy as it seems.

7. I Found Truly Great Women

Once I began communicating with a few friends and finally mustered the courage to meet up with them, I was glad I did. At first, it did not feel like I was meeting a friend. I felt that I was out on a date. I was nervous, but soon, the conversation was flowing. Before I knew it, hours had passed as we laughed and talked about various things.

8. It's Worth The Effort

The Bumble BFF experience was unlike anything I have ever tried before. Some friends were actually against the idea, and I had to endure a bit of teasing. Nonetheless, despite all the weird people I met, I managed to meet someone who made the entire experience worthwhile. I would be open to using the Bumble BFF app to find friends again in the future.