What I Learned When I Tried Bumble BFF To Find Friends

What I Learned When I Tried Bumble Bff To Find Friends

I've never been the best at making friends. I am a pretty shy person so approaching people to try to make friends with them is really hard. I have a fun personality and I think I'm a good friend though. I have had good luck with dating sites in the past. So, why couldn't a site dedicated to finding friends instead of a lover work as well?

Why I Tried Bumble BFF

I decided to give Bumble BFF a try to see if I could find some new friends. I just moved to this area and I work from home so finding friends REALLY wasn't easy. Trying to find friends is a bit different than finding a date or lover. I was trying to sell how fun I am rather than how hot I could look.

Am I Really FUN?

Instead of finding pictures of how cute I am, I had to find pictures of myself having fun. Because I'm trying to sell how fun I am right? Nobody wants to hang out with a girl that sits on her phone all day, browsing social media. No, that wouldn't win over anyone. Not unless my potential BFF was also an introvert like me.

I'm trying to get myself out of the house here! I want to have more fun! So I added the best pictures of me laughing and having fun. I also had to write about what I like to do for fun. That took some thinking but I finally realized that I would enjoy going out to museums and art shows more than I would like to go clubbing. Like a regular dating site, you have to be honest. Otherwise you will attract the wrong type of potential friends.

It's OK To Be Picky

There's a lot of really cool girls on Bumble BFF. And a lot of people that I just didn't click with. That was OK though. Just like with men, you will find yourself finding your "type" of friend. I found it was OK to be picky with the type of people I contacted. I didn't want to waste my time hanging out with people I didn't click with right?

Going out to clubs and getting wasted just isn't my thing. So, as soon as I saw a profile with someone loving that type of thing, I knew we probably wouldn't hit it off. It's better to know that type of information before you start getting to know a person. If you aren't compatible on paper (or phone screen in this instance), you probably won't be great friends in real life right? I swiped right on those girls. No offense to them, that's just not what I'm looking for.

Don't Judge A Book by its Cover

Another interesting thing I learned was that I'm a little more judgemental than I thought I was. I found myself judging people just based on one picture. I try not to "judge a book by its cover" so when I found myself thinking negative thoughts about someone, I reevaluated what I was doing. Instead of immediately swiping right on these girls, I actually read the profile and ended up messaging a few of them!

I'm glad I did because I found an amazing friend by doing this. We are hanging out again this weekend. I think this is it. She could be the one!