What I Learned From Running Away From Love

I must confess, my previous tumultuous relationship had left me petrified of love. After all, if that was what love meant, I wanted no part of it again. Despite my attempts to distance myself from him, my current boyfriend was determined to be with me. I ran away from him persistently, but he remained resolute in his pursuit. Over time, I became more at ease, and my experiences attempting to evade love taught me the following:

1. Running From Love Will Only Leave You Sad And Alone

Although you may feel fulfilled and drained, it doesn't lead you anywhere. Your view remains unchanged for miles, and there's no alteration in your outlook. Furthermore, it quickly becomes tedious.

2. It's Unfair To The Guy You're Running From

I'll never fully comprehend why he persevered and struggled to mend me, but I realized that regardless of his motivations, I should have relinquished my self-centeredness and fear and collaborated with him instead of opposing him.

3. It Can Be Good For You In Small Doses

Making a permanent escape from love is an impractical strategy, but distancing yourself from it temporarily can assist you in discovering yourself and identifying the root cause of your fear.

4. It Doesn't Mean You're Unlovable

Simply because you refuse to acknowledge or address it does not imply that nobody loves you. Love comes in various forms, or else we would have all settled down with the first person we dated. You can trust me when I say that you are capable of being loved, and it will happen for you.

5. Running From Problems Really Doesn't Solve Anything

Although we are all aware of this fact, it carries a different weight when you personally experience it. Fleeing from a situation doesn't provide a solution.

6. Eventually You Run Out Of Steam

Perpetually running is tiring, and eventually, it becomes unsustainable. If you have been running for an extended period, you may have a lengthy journey ahead to regain the place you were before. Take a leisurely path, explore your inner self, and move forward without any regrets.

7. Love Will Be Always Be Waiting

However, I cannot guarantee that every man would do the same. I believe I was fortunate with my circumstances, but I acknowledge that even he has his limits. If I had pushed him too far, he might not have persisted. Nonetheless, I am certain that love would have crossed my path eventually, regardless of how long it took.

8. You May Forget What You're Running From In The First Place

If you keep running for an extended period, you may forget the original reason for your escape and continue solely out of habit or fear of the repercussions of halting.

9. It's All A Circle Anyway, So You're Wasting Your Time

In reality, you are merely running in a massive loop that will inevitably lead you back to your starting point. Therefore, it is preferable to confront your fears, not let them control your life, and venture forward. You are worthy of investing in yourself!