What Happens When You Meet A Good Man After Being In Toxic Relationships

What Happens When You Meet A Good Man After Being In Toxic Relationships

You will find yourself extremely vulnerable after a tough breakup, and you may not be looking to get into any new relationships any time soon. However, meeting a good guy after a toxic relationship is always a breath of fresh air. This guy will help you bring your guard down if you give him a chance. It will, of course, be a roller-coaster of emotions, but all truly worth it in the end. Here is a look at things you will experience with a truly good guy after a toxic relationship:

It will excite and scare you at the same time

In your mind, you will go on and on about just how good this guy is, which is exciting and scary. Exciting because after knowing heartache after heartache in your previous relationship, it is great to have a good guy by your side finally. On the other hand, it can be scary because you have gotten so used to the bad, you will be on the lookout for it, waiting for him to show his other not-so-great side. Except that, sometimes, there just isn't a bad side to a person.

There's mistrust, and you expect the worst

You will find yourself overthinking every word he says and everything he does because your mind has become conditioned to do so. You question his every intention, and you are always expecting the worst from him. At every turn, he proves you wrong and patiently shows you that he is, indeed, someone you can trust and that he means well.

You wonder why he chooses to be with you

Your previous partner put you down and broke you, leaving you with self-esteem issues. Unless you deal with these issues, you may find yourself wondering why this new guy is even with you. You will catch yourself wondering what such a great guy would be doing with someone like you when it's clear he can do so much better. He will reassure you that he doesn't want better. He just wants you.

You will finally understand what true love is

You will experience a different kind of love that will make you think back on past relationships and see them for what they really were. This new relationship will be a learning experience as you discover what genuine love looks and feels like. It will give you a whole new perspective on what a mutually fulfilling and healthy relationship is all about. You will discover that it is about important things such as commitment, trust, loyalty, communication and always being there for your partner.

You find yourself being thankful for past experiences

Because you now know what true love is, you will be thankful that things in your past worked out the way that they did. You will be grateful that the relationship ended just in time before you made the mistake of making a lifetime commitment out of it. You will be grateful for every tear and heartbreak that paved your way to this new amazing relationship because you understand that each failed relationship you may have had in the past was a valuable lesson in itself. You will get full closure and can move on with your new love without being haunted by ghosts from your past.

He will make you believe in love again. He will give you every reason to trust him. He will treat you like the queen you are. Everything you couldn't get from your toxic past relationships you will have with this new guy if you allow yourself to do so.