What Happens When You Like Someone On Facebook Dating? Here's What To Know

If you are a single Facebook user, using the platform's dating service can be a good option if you're seeking a romantic partner. If you're new to the service and want to express interest in someone, you may be wondering how it works and what happens next. Here is a guide on using the Facebook dating app to avoid any potential regrets.

1. Here's how "liking" works

Facebook dating has recently introduced new ways to show interest in someone. You can now like someone by either swiping right on their profile or tapping the heart symbol. To indicate that you're not interested in someone, you can tap the "x" or swipe left on their profile. It's important to not confuse these actions as they have different meanings.

2. Where do you see your "likes"?

You can view who has liked you by going to the top of the Facebook dating home screen, where you'll find a tab displaying the people who have liked you. Keep in mind that when you like someone, they will be able to see that you've liked them. Be mindful of who you like, if you don't want the person to know that you're interested in them, you can make use of the Secret Crush feature which allows you to express interest anonymously.

3. What's the "super like" feature?

In addition to liking someone, you can also "super like" them on Facebook dating. However, you only get one free "super like" per day, so use it wisely. This feature is a strong indication that you are interested in the person's profile, so it's best to save it for someone special.

4. Your "like" could lead to a match

If both you and the person you've liked have mutually liked each other, congratulations, you've matched! You'll be notified that the person has liked you back, and you can then start a conversation with them. Your matches will appear in the "new matches" section of the app, and then they will move to the "conversations" section once you've initiated a conversation with them.

5. Are your "likes" ever secret?

If you're interested in someone on Facebook dating but don't want them to know, you can use the Secret Crush feature. You can find it on the home screen of the app. To use it, you can select up to nine people from your current Facebook friends and add them as your crushes. However, there's a catch, you can only use the Secret Crush feature on people who are already your Facebook friends and are using the dating service.

6. When will your crush know about it?

If the person you've selected as a crush also likes you back, you'll be notified of the match. Keep in mind that when you choose a person as a crush, they will receive a notification that someone has a crush on them, but they won't know it's you until they also match with you. They will only know it's you if they also select you as their crush. The downside is, you can't use the Secret Crush feature on someone who's not on Facebook dating, even if they are your Facebook friend.

7. You can remove crushes, though

It's important to be aware of your options when dating online. If you've added a crush and decide later that you no longer want them as a crush, you can remove them from your list. In Facebook dating, go to the Secret Crush feature, tap on the photo of the person you want to remove, and select "Remove crush." This will remove them from your crush list.

8. Why is facebook dating unavailable?

It's possible that Facebook dating may not be functioning correctly on your device and you're not able to see your likes. One way to fix this issue is to update the Facebook app as this has been known to resolve this problem. Keep in mind that Facebook dating is not a separate app, it's part of the general Facebook app. To prevent this issue from happening again, make sure to keep automatic updates on your device turned on. This will ensure that the app is always up to date, and you won't have to wonder why you're not receiving likes even though you're actively using the dating feature.

9. Can you hide your facebook dating profile?

While your likes are visible, you have the option to hide your Facebook dating profile from Facebook friends who are also using the app. This will prevent you from seeing their dating profiles and them from seeing yours. Additionally, you can go to your Facebook privacy settings and prevent the app from suggesting friends of your friends as potential romantic matches. This can be useful if you want to keep your real-life social circle separate from your Facebook dating matches or if you have friends you don't want to match with. It can also help you avoid any potential drama.