What Happens When You Let A Good Woman Go

Choosing a good woman is an incredible decision that can lead to living a better life. However, men at times walk away from a relationship or let go of a good woman. This often becomes a regrettable decision since everything starts to drive you haywire. You might have high hopes that she is thinking about you and will come back, but this is not always the case. If you are unlucky, she engages in new social activities to strengthen her self-esteem, recovers from the heartbreak, and moves on with her life.

She gets into a denial stage:

The first stage of being left alone is denial. She doesn’t accept the fact that the relationship no longer exists regardless of her input. She pampered and did everything possible to ensure its longevity. She might ask for a second chance, but some have a superior ego that makes them bewail by themselves. Finally, she asks for a proper explanation as to why, but this stage does not last for an extended period.

She weeps:

Once she is sure that what was once in existence is long gone, she morns over it. This is an expression of pain and fury. She cries incessantly and curses you for having wasted her time, taken her for granted, and not having recognized her contribution to the relationship. When in the weeping stage, she informs her closest friends about the state of affairs.
She lets her pain determine her next actions:

Nothing hurts more than betrayal, especially when everything you did was rightfully done. Although the pain experienced is not physical, it has strong emotions that lead to the determination of the next actions. At this stage, she accepts her fate and is ready to move on. Her primary motive is to heal herself and move on.

She seeks social support:

Unlike men, women tend to share their pressing issues with friends and relatives. Although this is shameful to many, it gives them the ability to cope with reality and shape their journey to living a more positive life. A good woman will join a social group based on the length of the relationship that ended. Short term relationships cause less pain, but ones that have lasted long enough make her go to the extent of seeking the support of a relationship counselor.

She learns from her mistakes and emerges stronger:

Pain and suffering based on relationships last for a short period. Although some women take longer, the pain eventually fades, and a new and stronger woman emerges. Each heartbreak is a lesson, and it often leads to experience, which ultimately makes one more brilliant. This means that a good woman who let go of a man or several men in different situations is stronger and more resilient, and she is always in a better position to make ideal choices.

You become the loser:

Good women are like gold. They are precious and rare. Other men easily spot them. She will lead a positive life in your absence, and other men who recognize her awesomeness will want to keep her and not let her slip from their grip.