What Happened To Melissa Sue Anderson? See What She Is Doing Nowadays

Little House on the Prairie became a true American classic. The show provided a stepping stone into Hollywood for numerous child stars. Among them was Melissa Sue Anderson, who portrayed the character of Mary Ingalls, a spirited young girl who tragically lost her vision.

After her tenure on the show concluded in 1981, it's fascinating to ponder Melissa's subsequent journey. Today, we will delve into Anderson's life following her time on Little House on the Prairie.

Melissa Sue Anderson As A Child Star

Mary Ingalls was the adorable and endearing young girl featured in Little House on the Prairie. She possessed a playful and lively nature, but unfortunately, her journey took a tragic turn when she lost her vision in a devastating accident. Melissa, portraying the character of Mary, truly won over the audience with her impressive acting abilities. Her talent set her firmly on the path to becoming a rising child star.

Melissa was born on September 26, 1962, in Berkeley, California. She portrayed the character of Mary from 1974 to 1981. Her portrayal of the blind daughter facing the hardships of life on the prairie displayed her exceptional talent and garnered her worldwide acclaim.

Melissa formed a strong bond with her family, including Michael Landon as her father and Melissa Gilbert as her on-screen sister, Laura. This dynamic demonstrated her remarkable acting skills and testified to her abilities.

Rumors Of A Fallout

While working on "Little House on the Prairie," rumors about Melissa and two of her co-stars circulated. Her relationship with Melissa Gilbert and Alison Arngrim was not as harmonious as with the rest of the cast.

These rumors hinted at a turbulent atmosphere on set. However, subsequent investigations proved them to be unfounded. In reality, Anderson maintained amicable relationships with her co-stars, and conflicts were simply part of the normal dynamics that can arise in any workplace.

Melissa Sue Anderson's Life After Little House On The Prairie

In 1981, Melissa Sue Anderson said her goodbyes to Walnut Grove, where the Little House on the Prairie family resided. This marked the beginning of a new phase in her life.

Melissa pursued her acting career further, exploring different television films and series. She appeared in notable projects like "Murder, She Wrote" and "Where Pigeons Go to Die." Her dedication to her craft and versatility in tackling various roles became the bedrock of her professional journey.

Melissa was allowed to portray Emmeline Lestrange in the film "Blue Lagoon," a role that ultimately went to Brooke Shields. However, Melissa declined the offer due to her discomfort with the nudity scenes involved. Instead, she opted to take a role in a horror movie called "Happy Birthday to Me" (1981).

Apart from her acting endeavors, Melissa had an affinity for writing. She ventured into the literary realm and penned a memoir titled "The Way I See It: A Look Back at My Life on Little House."

Published in 2010, the book offered fans an insight into her experiences on the cherished show and shed light on its impact on her life, both during and after production. Melissa's memoir received a warm reception, enabling her fans to establish a deeper connection with her through her written words.

As time passed, Melissa Sue Anderson decided to step away from her acting career and redirect her focus toward her personal life. In 1990, she tied the knot with writer and producer Michael Sloan, and the couple has since welcomed two children into their lives, Piper and Griffin Sloan.

Although she may no longer be actively pursuing acting, Melissa holds a special place in the hearts of her adoring fans.