What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush?

Life is funny, and today, we'll ask ourselves: what does it mean to dream about your crush? One of the absolute worst things about sweet dreams about a crush is that you eventually wake up and realize you are no closer to having this perfect being in your love-starved life.

But is there something more to these dreams?

When most people have dreams that impact their daily lives so much, they like to find out what the dreams actually mean.

As with any other dream, the role your crush played, the nature of the dream itself, and many other factors will determine what the dream might have been saying about you and your crush's future.

Why Would You Dream About Your Crush?

We often dream about our experiences, real or imaginary. Dreams are simply based on things from our memories.

Obviously, the brain has a way of mixing up the details to create a truly beautiful or weird story, which is why dreams are usually so interesting and unexpected.

But above all, dreams reveal secrets about your feelings, desires, and emotions.

That means dreams are based on the realities going on in your life at the moment, which is why it might be worth finding out what that dream about your crush actually meant.

So, what does it mean when you dream about your crush? Let's find out.

1. You Dream That Your Crush Says You Are Their Crush

Few dreams are as sweet as this. In the dream, you get to spend time with your crush and as if that's not good enough, they confess they have feelings for you.

Fortunately, the meaning behind this dream might be just as exciting. The dream shows that you have enough confidence to believe that pursuing your crush might pay off.

This dream might be the green light you need to make a move on your crush.

2. You Dream That Your Crush Has Sex With You

Many people hardly forget a single detail about such a dream. In the dream, you might be the one who initiates the sex or your crush might seduce you and initiate the sex.

First of all, understand that this dream shows you desire physical intimacy with your crush.

If you are the one initiating the sex, then it shows it has been a while since you have been physically intimate.

But if the crush was the one initiating the sex, especially after seducing you, it shows that you have a desire to be pursued. On some level, this also shows you are afraid to pursue your crush and are therefore more willing to take a more passive role in pursuing a relationship with them.

3. You Were On A Date With Your Crush

This is quite a beautiful dream that is sure to make you wake up with a smile on your face. It can have both a literal or figurative meaning.

In your dream, you could be walking hand-in-hand, and then eating at a restaurant, watching a movie, or enjoying some other date-like activity.

This dream is generally meant to fulfill a wish. The brain is simply acting out a fantasy you have had about your crush because you daydream about them so much.

So, your mind has simply decided to give you your wish by whipping up this beautiful romantic story. It would be nice if it would come true though, don't you agree?

4. You And Your Crush Kissed

What does it mean when you dream about your crush, and that you were kissing? That's quite promising, right?

This pleasant dream has a simple, and equally pleasant interpretation: you wish you and your crush were together (as if you didn't know that already).

But it might also mean you are more self-aware and anxious for a relationship.

5. You Dream That Your Crush Likes You Back

This is a truly fantastic dream, and you can wake up from it feeling pretty good about yourself.

Not only does this dream represent hope and desire to be with your crush, but it also proves you have the confidence and optimism to make your move.

Broadly, this dream shows you are confident of your acceptability. But specifically, after this dream, you should probably tell the person how you feel.

6. Your Crush Dates Someone Else

This dream can really piss you off and make you get up in a bad mood. Even though it might be a dream, this can hurt for real.

The dream tells you that you have fears that your crush would reject you in favor of another person. It could also be a reminder of why you haven't pursued your crush—someone else is in the picture.

7. You Dream About Your Crush All The Time

You might realize that many of your dreams of late involve your crush. That means something special.

This is your mind telling you it's time to make your move and tell them what you feel. Dreaming in this manner about your crush shows how strong your feelings for them have become, and that you should take action.

Who knows? Your boldness might pay off.

8. You Dream About A Celebrity Crush

Dreaming about a celebrity crush does not mean you would like to meet up with the person and approach them. After all, this person could be miles away and your lives are probably worlds apart.

What this dream means instead is that you are wishing on a subconscious level that you would meet someone who has the qualities you admire in this person.

9. Your Dream That Your Crush Dies

This is a truly disturbing nightmare that will probably wake you up with a jolt before your morning alarm does. You might dream that you are attending your crush's funeral, or watching them at their last moments on their deathbed.

It could also be that you see a friend in the dream giving you the news that your crush is no more.

Either way, this can be a truly disturbing nightmare.

The good thing is that you don't have to worry that your crush will die in real life. The meaning is more symbolic, and it shows that many of your strong feeling towards the person has "died."

Another possible interpretation is that the crush has been gone from your life for so long and you miss them. It's like they have "died" off from your life.

10. You Dream That Your Crush Is Someone You Don't Like In Real Life

This will not be the most pleasant dream, obviously. Don't worry, this dream does not mean you secretly want this person.

It shows that you have an unattainable desire to get rid of something you don't like for good. That sucks.

11. You Dream That Your Crush Rejects You

This is without a doubt one of the worst crush dreams you could have. Ultimately, it shows how deeply insecure you are.

On some level, this shows that you might have doubts about being worthy of love and success. Clearly, you need to work on your self-confidence if you keep having such a dream.

12. You Only Saw Your Crush's Face

If you only saw the face, and the body was not so clear, then that carries a very special meaning. This shows how much you have idealized this person.

In a way, your mind is reminding you that your crush has the ideal face, which is why you are so crazy about them.

13. You Dreamed About Crushing On A Stranger

It's simple, this indicates that you have strong feelings about new or unexpected opportunities that you feel might be out of reach.

14. You Dreamed About An Old Crush

It was about a crush, yes. But it was a crush from way back, maybe high school.

This kind of dream can either be positive or negative. And if it's positive, then you might be about to come into some good luck or fun new experiences.

If it is negative, such as when you decide you don't want the crush, then that might mean you are too scared to chase after your goals.

Another possible interpretation about dreaming of an old crush is that you might be having a current relationship that is having the same patterns you had with the old crush. In short, this means you might be seen qualities of your old crush in your current partner.

15. You Dream That Your Crush Was Fighting And Arguing With You

This is a bad one, and it will make your morning suck. You can even end up exchanging very strong insults with them.

Such a dream has a pretty straightforward interpretation. It shows that you are afraid that pursuing your crush would lead to a falling out that might destroy your chances of being in each other's lives.

16. You Dream Your Crush Is Someone Of A Different Gender

What does it mean when you dream about your crush, but they are of a different gender?

You are usually dreaming of a crush of a gender you are attracted to, but now, your crush was of the opposite gender.

If you were straight, does this mean you are gay? And if you were gay, does this mean you are actually straight?

Well, not exactly.

If you are dreaming of someone of the same gender, it shows you are at peace with who you are. It is an indication that you love and accept yourself and feel compassion towards yourself.

But if you have a dream about homosexuality and feel uncomfortable in it, that's an indication you might have some insecurities regarding your relationship with the opposite sex. In short, you have some trouble accepting some aspects of yourself.

17. Dream About Someone Crushing On You

When you dream that someone is crushing on you, it shows that you are feeling pretty good about yourself. In general, this is usually a dream with a positive message telling you that you are probably having new opportunities or finding excitement in something about your life.

But if you dream that someone has a crush on you but you don't like them back, it might be telling you that you are facing new opportunities you are not particularly crazy about.

I could also mention that a dream doesn't have to mean anything. Your mind can play a lot of tricks on you as you sleep and it doesn't always have to mean something.

In the end, the dream you have about your crush does not mean what you have seen will come to pass. Ultimately, you and your crush get to decide how the future will be as far as a relationship between the two of you goes.

Dreams are amazing in that they reveal truths about ourselves.

And if you are wondering what that dream about your crush meant, then I hope you now know where you and your fantasy lover stand. So, here are possible answers to the question "what does it mean when you dream about your crush?"