What Does It Mean When Guys Bite Their Lip: 15 Meanings

If a man recently bit his lip while looking at you or in your direction, you may be curious about its significance.

Discover 15 of the most frequent reasons why men bite their lips in the section below.


People bite their bottom lip for many reasons, ranging from a nervous habit to sexual attraction towards you.

Below are some of the key interpretations of guys biting their lips:

1. He Is Sexually Attracted To You

The most evident interpretation of a man biting his lip while interacting with you is that he is sexually drawn to you.

The crucial inquiry is: is he conscious of biting his lip and wants you to take notice, or is it an unconscious action?

2. He's Nervous Around You

Some men get anxious around women they are interested in, in this scenario, it's you that makes him nervous.

One simple way to determine if he has feelings for you or is nervous is to observe which lip he is biting.

If the man bites his upper lip, he may be simply nervous in your presence, while biting his lower lip suggests he likely has a crush on you.

3. He Doesn't Realize He Bites His Lip

Often, a man biting his lip may be unconscious of it, whether he is just nervous around you or has hidden desires for you to become his wife and the mother of his children.

If you are familiar with the guy, have affection for him, and want to playfully tease him, bring attention to his lip-biting (then observe as his face turns red with embarrassment).

4. He Has a Dry Mouth

In some instances, a man biting his lip, whether upper or lower, is simply a result of moderate to severe dry mouth.

Ladies, sometimes a sparkle in his eye is simply a sparkle, and sometimes a man's lip biting is a mere symptom of dry mouth.

5. It's His Response To Making Eye Contact With You

When a man bites his lip immediately after or during eye contact with you (especially if it's one of the first times), it's a clear indication: He-has-a-crush-on-you time.

There are further signs to confirm your suspicion that he has a crush. For instance, if he begins to shift his weight and fidget with his feet as if walking on hot coals, it's a strong indication.

6. He's Thinking About Kissing You (and Biting Your Lips)

Occasionally, when a man is speaking with you, in the back of his mind he may be imagining a romantic and potentially sexual scenario involving the two of you.

When he begins biting his lip and showing nervous behavior, he is likely lost in a mental fantasy of kissing you.

7. He Wants You To Guess What He's Thinking

Sometimes men like to play it cool with their flirting, which may involve lip biting, direct eye contact, and smooth talk.

You can tell he wants you to guess his thoughts if he keeps talking and cuts off at the intriguing part, then drawing attention to himself and his lip-biting.

8. He Can't Find the Right Words To Use At the Moment

When he struggles to find the right words, he may instead make eye contact and bite his lip.

Alternatively, he may look away and bite his lip where he thinks you can't see it.

9. He's Infatuated With the Idea of You

It's true that beauty is subjective, which is why sometimes men are enamored with their perception of you rather than the actual you.

When a man idealizes you as a goddess-like figure, lip-biting can be a natural expression of that worship.

10. He Wants To See How You React

Sometimes men bite their lips while speaking with you, whether they are an old acquaintance, a new friend, a former partner, or a coworker, simply to gauge your reaction.

Whether you'll smile, blush, or respond by biting your lip and blowing him a kiss, he's eager to find out. He may be an old friend, a new one, an ex, or a colleague, but sometimes guys bite their lips while talking to you just to gauge your reaction.

11. He Is Misreading Your Body Language

Not all men are equally confident or skilled with women, just as they are not all equally perceptive like Sherlock Holmes.

Sometimes guys misinterpret your body language and act based on their own interpretation, which can include lip biting and eyelash fluttering towards you.

12. He's Trying To Not Say Something Stupid

Not all guys are implying or envisioning intimate activities during a short break on a Wednesday evening, regardless of the availability of lubricant.

Sometimes, guys bite their lips to avoid saying something foolish or embarrassing in their own eyes.

13. He Wants To Touch You

One of the main reasons a guy may bite his lip during a conversation with a girl is because he is imagining kissing and touching her body.

Even if a guy is just seen as a friend, he may still have romantic feelings for you or imagine physical intimacy with you, even if he does not reveal his true feelings to you. This can be the case for years.

14. He Wants To Tell You Something

Sometimes when a guy is nervous about expressing his thoughts to you, he may display nervous behavior like fidgeting, lip biting, and shifting his weight.

Guys who are considering whether or not to share something with you may exhibit emotional signs, such as fidgeting, lip biting, and shifting their weight, and their words may be incomplete or seem lacking in context as they struggle with their decision.

15. He's Trying Hard To Respect Your Relationship Status

At times, guys struggle to hide their attraction to you despite trying to maintain respect for your relationship status, and their walls may come down as a result.

Sometimes, a guy may display nervous behavior such as lip biting, shifting gaze, blushing, and nervous laughter when they are trying to suppress their feelings for you, but also imagining a romantic or intimate scenario with you despite your relationship status.


When a man bites his lip, especially the bottom lip, it is a clear indicator of body language. By considering all of the meanings outlined above, you should be able to determine its significance in your specific situation.

Once you have determined the meaning behind his lip-biting behavior and have a clear understanding of your own feelings towards it, you can then proceed with your response.

Ways to respond to lip biting:

Look at Him and Bite Your Lip

A man biting his bottom lip and making eye contact can be interpreted as a subtle expression of desire, as if he is silently communicating "I want you to think about kissing me."

If you're attracted to the guy and feeling playful, make eye contact and bite your bottom lip back at him. Biting your bottom lip specifically sends a more sensual message.

Cross Your Arms, Look Away, and/or Frown

If a guy bites his lip in front of you and displays other behavior that you don't like, don't be afraid to express your dissatisfaction.

Crossing your arms, avoiding eye contact, and frowning are appropriate responses to a man biting his lip and exhibiting other aggressive body languages towards you.

Ask Him What's On His Mind

A simple way to respond to a man who is biting his lip while speaking to you is to inquire about his thoughts.

If he is truthful, his reply will focus on you, which is the purpose of asking in the first place - to confirm that you have his full attention.

Offer Him Some Peroxide and Cool Water

A playful response to a man biting his lip, particularly if he's unaware of it, is to offer him hydrogen peroxide and cold water to clean the bite.

The red hue his face is likely to exhibit upon realizing what you're saying will be worth it!

Invite Him Over for NetFlix and Chill

If you prefer to bypass the nonsense and directly nibble on his lip, invite him for a Netflix and chill session.

You can forgo Netflix and just go straight to savoring each other's lips in private.


What Does It Mean When Men Bite Their Lips?

A man biting his lip is often a sign of attraction, nervousness, or contemplation of a kiss. Other physical cues in his behavior may provide insight into the underlying reason for his lip biting.

Is Lip Biting Flirting?

Lip biting can indicate flirting, but not necessarily. It can also be a sign of nervousness, hunger, or an attempt to prevent saying something inappropriate or pondering a sensual fantasy.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Kisses You And Bites Your Lip?

There are no absolutes, but generally, when a man nibbles your lip during a kiss, it signifies one thing: a strong desire for sexual intimacy at that moment.