What Does It Mean When A Guy Drunk-Dials You?

Initially, the sight of the guy you fancy calling you generates excitement. Knowing that he is thinking about you always feels pleasant. However, when you respond to his call, you realize that he is excessively exuberant and having difficulty enunciating his words. Unfortunately, he is drunk-dialing you. But what motivates him to do so? Here's how to investigate the root of his actions.

1. He's horny

The reason behind his drunk dialing is quite straightforward - he's looking for a booty call. He's counting on the fact that the alcohol he's consumed has aroused him and is anticipating that you'll be willing to come over, even though it's almost 2 am.

2. He's got a case of liquid courage

If the guy has been exceedingly reserved around you and finds it challenging to make a move, he might be using his inebriated state to gather some courage to contact you. How endearing! However, it's a bit concerning that he requires alcohol to dial your number, especially if he's over the age of 25.

3. He's bored

He could be drunk-dialing you out of boredom as he finds himself alone and feeling melancholic. He's consuming alcohol by himself, and as a result, he's feeling despondent. Should you feel honored that he's thinking of you? Well, only if he does this when he's sober and not just out of boredom. Otherwise, it's not that significant.

4. He's trying to make you jealous

After a disagreement, he's drunk-dialing you to make you envious of the event he's attending or the people he's with. It's quite pathetic. He ought to have left his foolish phone at home.

5. His butt called you

Have you ever picked up a call from a guy who's intoxicated and doesn't seem interested in having a conversation? He might not have intended to call you in the first place, that's how inebriated he is! This is like playing telephone for adults, and it's a total waste of your time. It's likely that the next day he won't even recall attempting to contact you. Perhaps that's for the best.

6. He needs a confidante

Have you ever been so intoxicated that it allowed your emotions to surface, and dealing with them alone was unpleasant? Well, this guy could be experiencing that, which is why he reached out to you. If you can perceive that he needs to discuss what's troubling him and why he's having a tough time, this is what's happening. He obviously has faith in you, and this conversation could bring you two closer together.

7. He wants to show off

Recall what we discussed earlier regarding alcohol providing him with bravery. Well, now that he's consumed five tequilas, he might be feeling more self-assured and eager to impress you. He could be sharing with you all about how extraordinary he is or maybe he's finally revealing his true feelings for you. If only he possessed this confidence while sober. Sigh.

8. He wants you to join the party

He could be dialing your number in the hopes that you can join him in the great time he's having wherever he is. While it's pleasant, it might feel like you have to be available to him at the last minute, which isn't always ideal. Furthermore, who wants to meet up with him when he's extremely intoxicated? Nevertheless, it's nice that you're on his thoughts, even though it would have been preferable if he had invited you out initially, you know, when he was sober.

9. He's stuck in a pattern

If the guy only calls you when he's inebriated and never when he's sober, this individual has a problem or is completely wasting your time. It's not cool. Even if he calls to express his fondness for you, you're talking to Tequila, not Ted. It's best to hang up the phone. This guy is leading you astray.

10. He's not over you

If your ex is the one drunk-dialing you and getting all emotional on the phone, maybe those sentiments are real, but he lacks the courage to express them to you face-to-face. Hmm. It seems like he hasn't moved on from you. Before you jump to conclusions and assume he wants to reignite the relationship, it's worth considering your own feelings and whether he'll stick to his words when he's sober and acting like a mature adult.