What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Shawty? (15 Meanings)

It's widely known that "shawty" means "attractive woman."

But what does it signify when a man refers to you as "shorty"?

Keep reading to find out.


When a man refers to you as "shawty", it is a clear indication that he is flirting with you or finds you attractive.

However, often, the act of calling you "shawty" carries deeper significance than initially apparent.

Here are 15 common interpretations of what a man means when he refers to you as "shawty":

1. He Thinks You're Really Cute

If a man finds you extremely cute, and especially if you're a petite woman, he might start calling you "shawty" as one of his first pet names for you.

This is why you might commonly hear the term "shawty" in settings like school, work, or social gatherings.

2. He Wants To Get To Know You

If a man is interested in getting to know you better, he may use endearments such as "shawty", "love", and "sweetheart" to show his affection.

He hopes that by using such pet names, you'll take notice of his interest in you and reciprocate, leading to a mutual desire to get to know each other.

3. He's Flirting With You

In some cases, a man might only be flirting with you when he calls you "shawty". He may have a momentary or sexual interest, but little else beyond that.

You can usually distinguish these types of men from those who are genuinely interested in you by observing their body language and other cues. If they only engage in small talk and gaze at you, they are likely just flirting.

4. He Wants To See How You React

Some men use endearments like "shawty" simply to gauge your physical and verbal reactions.

Therefore, it's crucial to consider your response when men make advances towards you, as your reaction may be the main reason for their compliment.

5. He's Trying To Cheer You Up

When a man wants to cheer you up, he may choose to use a nickname like "shawty" or "mama".

This type of compliment doesn't necessarily have to stem from romantic feelings. It could come from a guy friend or even your father, in such a scenario.

6. He Calls All Females Shawty

Some men refer to all women as "shawty", regardless of their romantic interest. Whether they are trying to cast a wide net and flirt with as many girls as possible, or they are just naturally flirtatious, depends on the individual.

Nowadays, it's common for men to use the term "shawty" as a general reference to women, without any underlying romantic, flirtatious, or sexual intentions.

7. He Wants You To Be His Girlfriend

When a man has decided he wants you to be his girlfriend, he may use different approaches to convey his intentions, depending on his personality. One such approach could be using endearments like "shawty".

Typically, men with these types of intentions can be identified by their attempts to be present in your life as much as possible, doing things for you, giving you gifts, and frequently touching you, sometimes even making it appear accidental.

8. He's Making Conversation

In some cases, a man may just want to strike up a conversation with you and feels that starting with a playful compliment like "shawty" will get you talking.

The outcome of whether or not the intended deeper conversation will occur depends on you.

9. He Wants To Make You Interested

When a man is determined to get your attention, he may go to great lengths to achieve it.

If a man is truly interested in pursuing a relationship with you, using the nickname "shawty" is just the start of what he might do.

10. He Digs Your Personality

Guys don't just use the term 'shawty' for physically attractive women, they may also use it if they find your personality appealing.

The meaning of "shawty" as a term of endearment has evolved greatly over the past few decades.

11. He's Not Too Great With Nicknames

Thus, for some guys, "shawty" may be their go-to term of endearment, while for others they may have a more extensive range of nicknames.

It's common to misinterpret the intention behind a guy calling you "shawty" as it could be a simple compliment or a sign of deeper interest. A guy's lack of experience or vocabulary may lead to confusion in their expression of endearment.

12. He Wants You To Be His Baby Mama

It's possible that a guy who calls you shawty might have sexual fantasies about you in the back of his mind.

If he determines that you would be a suitable mother for his children, be prepared for a shower of pet names when he is around you.

13. He Thinks You Like Being Called Shorty

Some guys believe that the term "shawty" is more appealing to girls compared to more straightforward compliments such as "sexy," "beautiful," "gorgeous," or "stunning."

For some guys, using the term "shawty" is a more subtle way of expressing their attraction to a girl. It's a less intense label compared to more obvious compliments like "sexy," "beautiful," or "gorgeous." This approach is less likely to cause discomfort if the feelings are not mutual.

14. He Wants To Make Your Boyfriend Jealous

Some individuals aim to make your significant other envious by addressing you with terms such as "shawty" in their presence or through text messages.

Every time your boyfriend is nearby, the first words he says (or texts) are probably "hey shawty!"

It's not that he's intentionally using the slang "shawty" in a harmful manner, rather he's trying to annoy your boyfriend due to his own attraction to you and jealousy.

15. He's Bored and Messing With You

Men are infamous for catcalling with phrases like "hey shawty." Sometimes when they're feeling idle and looking to tease, that's what you'll encounter.

At other times, men may tease you intentionally to give the impression they have feelings for you, for various motives (revenge, ill-will, or unknown reasons).


There are many ways to react when a guy calls you a slang term like "shawty." However, it's important to remember that all you can confirm is that he finds you attractive (the rest should be clarified by him directly).

Here are a few effective responses:

1. Smile and Make Eye Contact

If you think it's charming that he calls you "shawty," smile back and maintain eye contact. Avoid breaking eye contact, as it shows that you appreciated it.

2. Do Not Smile, and Shift Away From Him

If you don't appreciate being called "shawty," avoid making eye contact or smiling after he compliments you. Additionally, shift your body away from him and cross your arms to show your discomfort.

3. Flirt With Him Using Another Slang Word

Flirtatiously responding to him and using another slang term, such as "daddy," is a signal to him that you're into the attention and have feelings for him too.

4. Tell Him You Find The Term Derogatory

If you don't like being called "shawty," make your feelings clear. If it makes you feel disrespected, express that you find the term offensive and ask him to find a more suitable nickname for you.


What Does It Mean When Someone Says Shawty?

Typically, when someone uses the word "shawty," they are indicating that they find another person attractive. In some cases, it is also used to describe a short girl, typically those under five feet in height.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Keeps Calling You Shorty?

If a guy continually calls you "shawty," it's a sign of his strong attraction to you. It may also indicate that he desires more than just a friendship with you. So ladies, if he keeps using this slang term, it's possible that he's seeking a romantic relationship or at least imagining one.

Can We Call a Guy Shawty?

Ladies, you can also refer to a guy as "shawty." The use of the term "shawty" has become more flexible and less gender-specific. Historically, it was primarily used to describe short girls that guys found attractive. Today, more women are using "shawty" as a term of affection or nickname for their partners.