What Does It Mean If A Guy Asks You To Dinner? (Explained)

If you're curious about what it means when a guy asks you to dinner, you've arrived at the perfect location!

In this article, we're going to examine all the potential scenarios so you can make a wise decision about accepting or declining.


When a man wants to take you to dinner, it means he wants to spend some time with you over a meal. He likes you enough to want to get to know you better and wants to show you respect by taking you to a public place for a relaxed meal.

It could mean many things, and we'll lay them all out for you.

It could be for one or several reasons, but ultimately...

He Likes You

Men, just like women, can sometimes be uncertain about why they asked you out. They may just like you and want to have dinner with you. It can truly be that simple.

The main point is that if a guy is asking you to dinner, he likes you and wants to spend more time with you. He wants to show you that he thinks you're amazing and hopes he's right.

Of course, he is right.

He Has Respect For You

You may be asking yourself if this is a booty call. It could be, but having dinner first is one of the more respectful forms of a booty call.

He's not texting you at 2 am telling you he's on his way over and that you better be ready.

When a man requests to have dinner with you, it indicates that he values and respects you, even if his underlying motives may be less pure. He is telling you that your standards are not meant to be disregarded and that he appreciates this.

The invitation to dine together is a way for him to express his respect and consideration for your time.

Although the ultimate goal may be a booty call, it is still a polite one, and he is clearly conveying his affection for you.

He Has Standards

If a man asks you to dinner, it signifies that he holds you in high regard and desires to show you respect. He also wants to demonstrate that he too has standards.

Men and women are equally human, and he may be wondering the same things about you. Will you like and respect him as well? Your response to his dinner invitation, as opposed to a 2 AM baking session, will communicate your respect for him.

This man has high standards and wants to treat you properly by sharing a meal before moving forward in your relationship.

He may be eager to learn about your favorite foods, your dining habits, and the charming quirks you possess. Sharing a meal with you is a way for him to spend a few hours getting to know you better.

He values and desires your respect, just as you expect the same from him.

He is as delighted as you are to have this time together.

He Wants To Eat Food

Let's consider the worst-case scenario for a moment. You may have heard the line, "You gotta eat" when a man asks you to dinner.

Nine out of ten times when a man says he's hungry, it's because he's too nervous to express his feelings. He may be searching for an excuse to spend time with you and if that means discussing the essential needs of life, he will do so. This is often what a man means when he makes such a statement.

On rare occasions, he could simply be genuinely hungry and you happen to be hungry as well.

It's not uncommon for a man to suggest dinner when both of you are working late, and both of you need food. In such cases, he may still have feelings for you, but the main concern is finding food at that hour.

If you like him, you might convince yourself that he wouldn't have suggested dinner if he didn't feel the same way. Most of the time, this is accurate.

At worst, you will have made a new friend from work or wherever you met. People don't typically dine with others unless they find them to be great company.


Context plays a crucial role in determining if a dinner is a date or not. The manner in which the invitation was extended, the circumstances surrounding the meal, and other related factors should be considered.

Regardless of the motivations behind the meal, if a man asks you to dinner, it is generally considered a date unless there are exceptional circumstances such as the previously mentioned "hungry" scenario. In such cases, it is important to show respect and appreciation for the effort put into the invitation. This will likely be reciprocated.

Additionally, if you're attending a work-related dinner with a colleague, it's important to keep in mind that the occasion may be purely professional. Avoid mistaking a dinner with a coworker as a romantic outing when it could just be a work function.


If you like the man who asks you to dinner, it is generally recommended to accept the invitation. Dinner dates offer a unique opportunity for exploration and growth in a relationship and can lead to unexpected outcomes.

Saying "yes" to a dinner date shows that you appreciate the effort put into the invitation and that you are willing to respect and reciprocate the standards set by the man. Enjoy the meal and see where it takes you.