What Does His Kiss Say About His Feelings Toward You?

What Does His Kiss Say About His Feelings Toward You?

If there is one thing men avoid, it is talking about their feelings. Instead, they feel more at home expressing themselves through various gestures. So, while a man will occasionally tell you what they feel towards you; they will normally let their actions do the speaking a lot of the times.

One of the ways a man will show you how they feel is by kissing you. But a kiss can mean a lot of things. So, what does that kiss really mean? Here are some suggestions on what each of his kisses means so that you are not left with questions the next time it happens.

1. A French Kiss

A French kiss is a sure sign that he is into you, and these kisses also symbolize foreplay.

2. Stomach Kiss

A stomach kiss can mean a lot of things. For instance, it probably means you are perfect to him, or that he imagines a future where the two of you have children together. So, even if you are self-conscious about your stomach area, you should not be worried about getting this kiss or what it means; it is a really great sign.

3. Several Kisses All Over Your Body

You probably know what these kisses mean based on what usually happens next. When a guy is kissing you all over, it is usually part of foreplay. But beyond the physical motivations behind this kiss, it is also a sign that he finds every inch of you to be beautiful and adorable; and this is not the kind of kissing he would do to anyone. So, you are very special.

4. A Kiss On The Cheeks

This could mean that he is attracted to you, and it could also mean that he sees you as a friend. But if there are other kinds of kisses you get from him, then he sees you as more than a friend.

5. A Kiss On The Breasts

Although this is a highly erotic gesture, it also means that all he wants is to please you. He is putting his needs above your own, and that's quite adorable.

6. The Octopus Kiss

This kiss is meant to inspire arousal, and you can either be into it or not. This kiss intends to create suction cups, and that is something some women find arousing.

7. A Kiss On The Shoulder

This kiss is a sign he has grown really attached to you and is showing appreciation for being part of his life and being trustworthy and reliable.

8. The "shut Up" Kiss

This is a kiss he plants on you when you are in the middle of an argument to stop your endless monologuing. It is a really sweet kiss, and it does help put the argument to a stop.

9. Silly Kisses

When he is kissing you in places where it doesn't make sense, at moments that are not that sensible either, and in a way that seems funny; then he is simply trying to make you happy. Chances are that you end up laughing, and that's what this kiss is all about.

10. A Nose Kiss

This is a cute kiss that symbolizes endearment, and it shows how deep a bond you two already share.

11. A Forehead Kiss

This kiss shows that there is a deep connection between you, and it could also be platonic. The kiss also shows that he wants to take care of you and protect you.

12. Ear Kiss

The ear is very sensitive, and if he is giving you this kiss, then he wants to get you aroused.

13. Neck Kisses

This kiss is meant to provoke passion, and to tell you that he wants you at that very moment. It shows lust, and it is more about his desires than your own.

14. A Hand Kiss

This is a well-known kiss from ancient times. The kiss is sweet, and it is meant to put a smile on your face while also showing you that he respects you and wants something more with you.

15. Spiderman Kiss

Also known as the upside-down kiss, it shows that he is willing to put effort into your relationship.

16. A Quick Closed-mouth Kiss

It is a way of saying hello or goodbye, usually in public. If it happens when you are alone, however, it means that he is still not sure what he feels towards you.

Kisses say a lot about your relationship; and like wine, they get better with time in a great relationship. They can express how deeply in love with you the guy is; but the level of affection that goes with the kiss, however brief, can also say plenty about them. Hopefully, you will now better understand what that kiss means when he plants it on you the next time you are together.