What Do Guys Think When A Girl Compliments Them?

What Do Guys Think When A Girl Compliments Them?

A compliment can change a bad day into one of the best days of your life.

Compliments are great confidence boosters regardless of your gender, and yet, some guys have no idea what it feels like when a girl compliments a man.

Moms are often the only women that compliment guys regularly.

In most cases, it's the guys who shower girls with compliments. After all, men do most of the chasing, and using flattering comments is one of the means they use to make girls pay attention to them and give them a chance.

It takes a lot of boldness for the average woman to compliment a guy. Such ladies tend to stand out.

Is that a good thing? What do guys think when a girl compliments them? Today, we will find out the truth about this.

Why Is It That "Girls Never Compliment Guys"

What Do Guys Think When A Girl Compliments Them?

Girls have a notorious reputation of never complimenting guys, although they seem to have no issues showering other ladies with positive statements. Why is that?

For most girls, the fear that their compliments will get mistaken for an expression of romantic interest is very real. Unfortunately, this is a well-founded concern because most guys tend to imagine that they have a chance with any girl who compliments them.

To most guys, when a girl compliments a man, she is flirting. This largely explains why girls are so picky about the guys they give compliments to.

Guys often use compliments to show that they are interested in a girl. For this reason, they might feel that girls who compliment them are also interested in them.

Men are expected to compliment women they are romantically attracted to, which explains why girls might have a problem complimenting random guys since it can create the impression they are drawn to them.

Some men also think she wants to have a conversation with them when she compliments them. After all, compliments can be great ice breakers and conversation starters.

In cases where romantic interest is obvious between the girl and the guy, a compliment can make the guy feel that they have finally won the girl's attention.

This is something a girl might try to avoid if she is trying to play hard to get. This further explains why girls can be so economical with their compliments.

Many Guys Love It When A Girl Compliments Them

What Do Guys Think When A Girl Compliments Them?

A lot of guys rarely get complimented by girls. Getting starved of positive comments from women makes such men quite appreciative when a girl compliments them.

To a lot of guys, when a girl compliments a man, it proves she is a go-getter. No wonder many men can't resist such a girl.

Men also generally pursue ladies that stand out, and giving compliments makes girls stand out since this rarely happens. In short, a lot of guys can't get enough compliments from girls, and they tend to remember them since guys don't get these positive statements regularly, if at all.

There are exceptions, however. Some guys are very social, and they tend to get lots of compliments from all kinds of people, including girls. To these men, a girl complimenting them is simply being nice.

However, to more reserved guys who rarely get complimented by girls, the positive statements can be seen as a sign of romantic interest. Generally, many men love it when a girl compliments them.

Some Guys Are Shocked When A Girl Compliments Them

What Do Guys Think When A Girl Compliments Them?

As we have already mentioned, guys rarely get complimented by girls, and this has an impact on how some of them respond. Some men get put off when a girl compliments them because it's all so unusual.

For the most part, however, after the initial shock of getting a compliment from a girl, many guys are quite happy with the appreciation they receive.

Additionally, some guys get suspicious when a girl compliments them. Such men might think they are being love-bombed or getting an ego boost before the girl asks for some favor.

Some guys are not very receptive to compliments from girls because they are often followed by some awful comment. To them, a compliment is just a way for the girl to soften the blow of what they are about to say next.

In case you didn't know, girls are also considered quite generous when it comes to giving guys left-handed compliments.

Then some guys love a challenge. Consequently, getting a compliment from a girl they are interested in romantically makes things a little too easy for them and puts them off. For such men, the best compliment to them is a girl's undivided attention, but only after they have worked hard to earn it.

Opinions From Guys Who Have Been Complimented By Girls

What Do Guys Think When A Girl Compliments Them?

A lot of guys have been very happy to speak about getting complimented by girls and what the experience felt like. Although guys might act like they don't care about getting complimented by girls, the evidence clearly shows that, when a girl compliments them, they generally love the experience.

Their accounts can help us know for sure what the average guy feels when a girl compliments them.

According to some guys, a compliment from a girl is not easily or quickly forgotten. Some guys have claimed that they remember every compliment they have ever been given by a girl because they have only heard a handful all their lives.

In short, to most guys, a girl's complement is very rare, and that makes it so special. So, when a girl compliments a guy, she is likely creating a very special memory for him. This opinion is shared by many guys, who strongly believe that "girls never give compliments."

What's The Right Way To Compliment A Guy?

What Do Guys Think When A Girl Compliments Them?

If you are wondering how to compliment a guy and make sure you do it right, here are a few things you need to know. First of all, make sure your compliment is genuine - nobody loves an insincere compliment.

Otherwise, you can compliment him on his skills, his sense of humor, his fashion sense, his car, and so forth. You just have to say something positive about something he cares about.

Men are easy to compliment because they rarely get compliments, which means they don't expect much to begin with. Simply telling him he is kind after he does something nice for you can make his day.

A good compliment could be as simple as making a guy know how much something he has done for you means to him. When a girl compliments a guy under such circumstances, what she says seems more genuine.

Some of the compliments that guys love to hear from girls include statements that make them feel like protectors and providers and generally make them feel like real men. Lots of guys are quickly called out on their lack of masculinity when they mess up, which is why making him know that he exhibits a respected masculine trait can be a very powerful compliment, whether you are just friends or not.

The Truth About Complimenting Guys

What Do Guys Think When A Girl Compliments Them?

At the end of the day, most people appreciate an honest compliment. Nobody loves a manipulative compliment that comes with strings attached.

As we have just found out, guys might need compliments more than girls do, mostly because they rarely get any. In any case, guys have larger egos. Consequently, with compliments, a girl can easily have lots of guys eating from the palm of her hands.

Even so, there are people, regardless of gender, who don't like compliments. Such statements put them on the spot when they would rather go unnoticed due to their confidence issues. Some of them might also be struggling with impostor syndrome, which makes people feel undeserving of positive attention.

So, if someone has not accepted your compliment, it does not mean they have rejected you. There are a lot of reasons you might compliment a guy and he doesn't respond as you expected.

It is important to keep in mind that, as flattering as compliments can be, actions mean a lot more. A good compliment makes someone feel valued, and there are a lot of things you can do to evoke the same feeling. Kindness and concern can easily take the place of genuine compliments.

So, guys, as long as she treats you in a way that makes you feel special, you should consider that a compliment even though she has not voiced her admiration for you.

Otherwise, when a girl compliments a guy on things like their effort, character, physical appearance, intelligence, ability to make decisions, and personality among others, she becomes very special to him.