What Defines An Esport?

What Defines An Esport?

The most popular games, which require high mental and intellectual abilities from a person, have led to various competitions. As a result, such a phenomenon as esport has emerged. Esport is a new branch of the sports industry, directly related to the high-tech market and, at the same time, the most massive and progressive movement in the modern youth environment.

What Is Esport And What Are Its Key Features?

Esport (cybersport) is a competitive process that synthesizes computer technologies and the people who manage them. Sports competitions taking place in the virtual space are created through digital technologies. According to cybersport news, a computer game acts as a system of conditions and rules to determine the winner for a set time, and the participation of cyber athletes is mediated by computer technologies.

The main features of cybersport include the following:

Esport contributes to the development of a person's knowledge, skills, and abilities in the field of information technology. It promotes the development of such skills and abilities as planning, analysis, intuition, mental stability, coordination, concentration, etc.;

Communication between a cyber sportsman and computer technologies takes place with the help of subjects and objects that have their attributes. Esport news points out that with the help of this form of relationship, it is possible to create simulator cybersport games that can simulate various situations, thereby developing the qualities that are in demand;

The competitive activity takes place not only at various network competitions but also online. Therefore, you can engage in esport remotely, anywhere where the Internet is available. This indicates its versatility and mobility;

Computer games are one of the driving factors in the development of cybersport.

Types Of Esport Disciplines

Specific computer games of competitive orientation act as disciplines in cybersport. The last esport news indicates that cybersport disciplines can be divided into classes determined by the genre of the games included in them:

1. FPS. It is a simulation of combat between teams or individual players, in which the participant controls a separate game character, watching the combat process on behalf of this character. Examples include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Quake III, etc.;

2. RTS. It is a simulation of the development of armies and the battle between them, in which the participant takes control of a separate army and its base. Examples are StarCraft 2, Warcraft III, etc.;

3. MOBA. It is a virtual duel of teams of 5 people. Each player controls one character. The main task of players is to break into the enemy base and destroy it. Examples are Dota 2, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, etc.;

4. Fighting. It is a simulation of a hand-to-hand duel between two fighters. Examples are Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Mortal Kombat, etc.;

5. Simulator. It is a control simulator for various vehicles, from racing cars to tanks and warships. Examples include World of Tanks, Need for Speed, etc.;

6. Sports games. These are simulators of the various game sports (football, basketball, hockey, etc.). For example, FIFA, NHL, etc.

Thus, the formation of cybersport is directly related to the development of information technology. This sport is a mass social phenomenon and has its own characteristics, which were described in detail in this article. Visit the best esport news website iggpcgames.com and get more relevant international esport news.