What Defines A Strong Woman

What Defines A Strong Woman

She is a beautiful piece of art painted by her own hands, and a critical world judges her, missing the beauty of her soul.

She is badass, honest, and born with a wild heart.

She is not different. She doesn't want her heart to settle in a golden cage.

She refuses to be disrespected and taken for granted.

She is a warrior. She faces battles nobody knows that she won with tears.

She runs her race and competes with no one.

She had to learn to pick up herself and carry on.

What Defines A Strong Woman

She is the type of girl that hides her tears late at night and wakes up with a smile.

She has insecurity fear, of failure, but she always gets through it like a queen.

She never gives up.

She is powerful, beautiful, and determined.

She knows her worth.

She discovered her strength, and she was full of fire, she was unstoppable.

In a world of chaos, she will create peace.

In a world of pain, she will create love.

She is smart, passionate, and courageous.

What Defines A Strong Woman

She was forged through the challenges of life and moved forward with her head up.

She is unique, captivating, and rare.

She learns how to love herself enough to realize she deserves a happy life.

She is an inspiration to others.

Life is full of beauty, and she makes sure you notice it.

One day, a beautiful woman asked me how I define a strong woman? She is simply You.