What Dating Losers Says About You


Numerous women believe that they have no control over their dating lives and that ending up with a loser is simply a matter of bad luck. This is incorrect. Dating a loser is not bad luck; it is a bad choice. When it comes to the men you date, you have complete control over who you allow into your life. Your dating choices reflect on you, and if the person you're with is a huge loser, it says a lot about you.

1. You Have No Standards

Setting standards is essential for everyone. Without them, you may unconsciously convince yourself that it's acceptable to date the most undesirable individuals. It's perfectly reasonable to anticipate a specific set of characteristics in a partner. If your standards are non-existent, you may as well date an expired bottle of mustard or a garden slug. Either would be a better option than dating a loser.

2. You're A Poor Judge Of Character

In a horror film, you'd be the naive individual who pulls over to give a ride to a lifeless hitchhiker on a deserted highway at two in the morning. And then you'd believe him when he says that his blood-stained machete is for his accounting job. Losers will behave like losers, and if you can't see through a guy's obvious BS, you need to improve your ability to judge character. Fortunately, there's a machete conveniently lodged in your head.

3. You're In Denial

It may be that everyone else can see the true colors of the loser except for you. Despite the cringing expressions of your friends and family towards every move the guy makes, you seem to be oblivious to his flaws. Merely the fact that you can use the word "boyfriend" frequently should not be an excuse to overlook the shortcomings of your partner. You need to wake up and face the reality.

4. You Have No Self-Respect

Any woman who respects herself and is confident and intelligent would never give a loser the time of day. It's difficult to expect a man to treat you well when you don't even respect yourself. Instead of sitting around feeling sad, engage yourself in activities that boost your self-confidence and make you feel better about yourself.

5. You're Afraid Of Being Alone

If you believe that being with someone who treats you poorly is preferable to being alone, it indicates a severe self-esteem issue that you need to address. Unless being alone exacerbates the voices in your head, there is nothing to be afraid of. Embrace your independence and free yourself from all the schmucks.

6. You're Desperate

If you settle for an unbearable loser, it's a sign that you've hit rock bottom in your dating life. The stench of desperation is a shameful mark on society's image. It pushes away well-adjusted individuals and attracts sketchy characters. Spraying others with the murky fluid of desperation won't yield positive outcomes.

7. You're Weak

Those who date losers cannot be considered "strong." They are more like weak doormats who lack the backbone to stand up for themselves. In a world where a zombie apocalypse could occur any moment, weakness is a useless trait that won't help you survive. It is necessary to exercise your mental muscles and build a stronger personality.

8. You Don't Take Responsibility For Anything

You may not be to blame for your latest partner's shortcomings, but you are accountable for choosing to date him. By ignoring this truth, you are implying that you are not responsible for your own dating life. If you are a self-aware and responsible individual, you would not have gotten involved with a loser in the first place. When it comes to the daunting task of dating, it's crucial to stay aware and avoid getting involved with unsuitable partners altogether.

9. You Are Also A Loser

When you spend time with someone, you are essentially endorsing their behavior. Otherwise, why would you choose to associate with them? Like-minded individuals tend to gravitate towards each other. If your boyfriend is a loser, there's a chance that you might be one too. If that's the case, it's best to remove yourselves from society and live on an isolated island. The world has no use for people like you, and your offspring are destined to inherit the loser gene. Spare us all from yet another reality show featuring individuals like yourselves.