What Boys Want: Understanding What Goes On In Their Minds

What Boys Want: Understanding What Goes On In Their Minds

What boys want has to be as confusing as what girls want. It's usually difficult to tell what a group of people want due to individuality. What might work for one person might not work for another. However, it would work for a large number of people if analyzed properly.

A lot of times, girls miss out entirely on what boys want and wonder what went wrong. Now I'm not saying you should change yourself to fit into another person's idea of perfection. But the least I can do is let you know. Here are a few things boys want that are hard to miss.

What Boys Want: Natural Beauty

what boys want: understanding what goes on in their minds

Although your man would appreciate your makeup skills, nothing tops your natural beauty. The best thing about this is, if a boy really likes you, you're always going to be pretty to him. With or without makeup.

Makeup can be quite deceptive, especially when done excessively. Light makeup on the other hand enunciates your features instead of trying to hide them. Men might appreciate that women might love that, but nothing beats being in your natural form. Everything rolls out easier that way. Your laugh, your charms. Pure unadulterated attraction.


Fragrance is something that applies to any gender. Everyone loves something that smells good. It's just human nature. If you're looking to attract a guy, what you need instead of a heavy face of makeup or designer bags is a nice unique scent. Invest in perfumes, body sprays, oils. They let people know when you're around or when you've been somewhere.

A nice scent can be a mating call to the man you want. It has the power to make you attracted to him. If he ever perceives your unique scent somewhere else, you'll sure to come to his mind. So what are you waiting for?

What Boys Want: Self-Respect

what boys want: understanding what goes on in their minds

Nothing makes a man want you more than the fact you don't need him. Being self-confident and self-reliant all brings about self-respect. Men love confident women. Women that express how they feel without holding back. Any man who feels intimidated isn't right for you in the first place.

Men love it when you have an opinion on things. When you don't just echo everything they say or do. They also want to learn new things. Engage in new and enlightening conversations. A woman who stands for what she believes in.


A lot of people confuse being intelligent for knowing how to solve math and things like that. But it's knowing something about a particular thing. Being passionate enough to educate someone else on it. So if you think you can't be intelligent because you're not exactly book smart, think again.

Sometimes what boys want more than the physical is a woman who can bring more to the table. Conversations that go on forever. And even when they stop, they wouldn't mind more when the time comes. Your ability to educate someone on something, no matter how little, should never be overlooked.

What Boys Want: A Pretty Smile

what boys want: understanding what goes on in their minds

Men love a girl with a nice smile. It's basically their undoing. If you're wondering what men want, maybe you should smile more. You might think you have an ugly smile but someone else doesn't.

Smiling makes him feel comfortable around you. Laughing makes him know you're comfortable around him. And that's not all, it enunciates your cheekbones. What's there not to love about smiling?

Love And Care

Every man wants someone to care for him and love him. That's ultimately what they would go for in the end. If you don't see yourself doing this for him, then you should probably reconsider before trying to get him to fall in love with you. Or evening starting a relationship.

Now, this doesn't mean you adopt him and pick up after him. Neither does it mean putting your life on hold just to take care of him. If he loves you too, it'll come easily. You wouldn't have to compromise and that is a necessary factor as well. The boy or man you want should love you and care for you as well.

What Do Boys Want?

Boys want a little more consistency. A little more love, and also understanding and companionship. So next time you think to yourself what men want, they want effort.