What Boys Want: 22 Things Boys Like In A Girl

What Boys Want: 22 Things Boys Like In A Girl

Do you sometimes wonder what boys want? Yes, girls have the reputation of being complex creatures, but boys are not exactly so easy to figure out either.

So, you are not the only girl who finds guys to be a little enigmatic.

In a perfect world, girls would know everything they need to know about boys.

The puzzling truth is that boys are not that complicated. Usually, it's how girls view boys that make them difficult to understand.


We over-analyze them and think they have very complex needs we cannot easily understand. But that's not the case.

Boys are not all about fast cars, girls who look like models and games. So, if you have been seeing them through this prism, then you have undoubtedly been having issues figuring them out.

Luckily, you are not alone in this. So, here are some things boys really want, and it'll surprise you how basic and obvious they are.


1. Being Given A Chance To Hang Out With His Friends

Some girls will get in the way of the boy they are dating hanging out with friends, and not in the fun kind of way. When you are together with his friends, you should at least try to enjoy yourself.

The worst you can do is deliberately sabotage his desire to hang out with his buddies. That will only make him resent you.


Yes, even if he still sticks with you.

2. Arrogance Is Not What Boys Want

There is a difference between arrogance and confidence. Confidence is attractive, but arrogance is not.

When you are confident, you think you are good enough. But when you get to where you think you are better than everyone else, you become arrogant.


As you know, being with a self-absorbed girl is the last thing a guy needs.

3. Sexual Confidence Is What Boys Want From Girls They Date

Boys like it when girls are not shy in bed. Being nervous and unsure is not a turn on.

That is not a time to worry about your insecurities. If he had issues with how you look, it would not have gone that far.


So, when you are nervous, he will not think you are the problem but will imagine you have a problem with him. That will discourage him and push him away.

4. Guys Like Girls Who Take Care Of Themselves

Every guy wants a girl who knows how to take care of her appearance and her issues. When you are working on your health, fitness, appearance, and other goals in your life, you will be so much more attractive to a guy.


5. Guys Like A Great Smile

Who likes a gloomy face? I suppose you are not one of them, and boys don't like such girls either.

In fact, your smile will be a huge determinant of whether or not a boy will like you. So, giving him your best smile can really change the odds in your favor.

A smile makes you look confident and happy, and that is something all guys want.


6. They Want To Be Touched Properly

Just as a guy can touch you and it feels awkward, it can also feel strange to a boy if you can't touch him properly. Obviously, before you know each other properly, there will be some mishaps.

But that should be a learning experience because, over time, you should know how he likes to be touched.


7. When A Girl Listens When He Talks

Although guys will usually want to hear what you are telling them, being a good listener also matters a big deal.

It is one of the best ways to show that you are interested in him.

8. Girls Who Can Make Eye Contact

The way you look at a guy can say a lot about how good of a connection you have. When you make eye contact, it shows you are not afraid to let him in, and it will make you more approachable.


Besides, the way you look at him can tell him whether you like him as much as he likes you.

9. Guys Want Support

It's great that you have dreams and ambitions, guys love that and a boy who is into you will support you in this. But boys also have dreams and they like a girl who can support them.


Although you don't have to do much to show your support, the little you can do makes all the difference. Just letting him know you believe in him is all he needs.

10. Boys Like Girls Who Care

Regardless of how tough your man is, he still wants a woman with a caring side. Studies are showing that this is the most important trait a man considers when looking for a partner.


And you don't have to do anything extreme and go out of your way to prove you are caring. Simple acts of kindness can go a long way in proving you care.

For instance, you can ask how his day went, or how that interview he was anxious about turned out.

In fact, you don't even have to care about the guy. By showing care and concern to others, such as kids and strangers, he can catch a glimpse of your caring side.


11. A Girl Who Desires Them

Boys are very similar to us in this regard. They want someone who desires them.

So, even though they will pursue you for playing hard to get, you will have to go easy at some point and prove to them you desire him.

If you get to where he feels unwanted, then you can count on losing him for sure. But obviously, you don't want to show them you like them too soon as that can make you look a little desperate.


12. Boys Like Girls Who Appreciate Themselves

When you recognize that you are someone who has positive traits, guys will be more likely to like you. So, learn to showcase your best traits.

It could be your appearance, your personality, your manner of speaking or anything else.

Whatever it is you are good at, be proud of it. And while at it, make sure you tone down your negative qualities.


13. Your Open-mindedness Is What Boys Want

And no, it's not about sexual open-mindedness. Boys want girls who will keep an open mind on most issues in life.

They want girls who are exciting enough to want to try new things and visit new places. That will show your enthusiasm about life, and that is something we all desire.


14. Boys Don't Want Neediness

Yes, boys want girls who need them. But when that gets to where you are too needy, they will back off.

In fact, being needy will make him lose interest pretty quickly. Being needy makes you a burden, and few people want to be around people who are a burden to them.

So, although it's perfectly fine to depend on your man from time to time, you cannot depend on him for everything.


15. A Sense Of Humor

People want to be with those who find them funny. So, don't hide your sense of humor, it will make a boy like you more.

When you can laugh together with someone, you will have connected on a much deeper level.

Let's face it, nobody wants to be with someone they cannot be happy around.

16. Guys Like A Girl With A Sense Of Adventure

Boys love adventures, and they like girls who can join them on their exciting expeditions. So, if you have a great sense of adventure, chances are that guys will be quite drawn to you.


Although this does not mean every weekend will be adventurous, it can be a huge plus for a guy.

Actually, guys consider the right relationship an adventure, and that depends on how exciting you are as a partner.

17. Boys Want Compliments

We all like to be complimented. In fact, I am sure many of us would admit we love this gesture.


But obviously, nobody likes a fake compliment.

So, give the boy a compliment based on his looks, dressing, and actions. He will feel good and you will find it easier to be in a relationship with him.

18. Boys Like Playfulness In A Girl

Boys are into girls who don't take themselves too seriously, and you show this by being playful. It shows you are not overcome by your insecurities and have a healthy dose of confidence.


Being silly and funny and laughing at yourself will make you more attractive to boys. Additionally, it will make you more memorable.

Playfulness means that the man can be himself around you, and that is something we all desire in our ideal partners.

But you don't have to force a playful side if it doesn't exist. It has to be natural and effortless, otherwise, it will not be a turn-on.


19. Boys Like Girls Who Have A Life

Just because you are into him, it does not mean you have to tell him everything about you. Keep some information for yourself.

Also, have a life. Being too available can make you seem like you are desperate.

But that does not mean you should be completely unavailable.


20. They Want To Help Out

Have you ever seen how a guy gets excited when given a chance to help you out? It's because they totally love it.

Ultimately, guys want to be needed. Even if it's just to get a can open, that can make him very happy and assure him of his importance in your life.

21. Boys Want Femininity

One of the things guys never get from their buddies, although they want it in their lives, is femininity. Being feminine makes you girlfriend material.


Many women today are quite masculine, thanks to women's rights movements. The merging of gender roles has made many girls less feminine.

So, if you can offer the guy some dose of femininity, then chances are he will be really drawn to you. And that does not mean putting on too much makeup, but appreciating your unique perks as a female.

22. Being In Control Of Your Emotions

While boys expect girls to be a little more emotional, they don't like it when you are too emotional. Being a basket case all the time will exhaust him.


So, learn to be controlled. Don't overreact to things and learn to play it cool as much as you possibly can.

If all you wanted is to know what boys want, then these tips can help you become a more likable girl. As you can see, boys are not as complicated as you probably thought, right?