What Are The Signs Of A Fake Friend?

What Are The Signs Of A Fake Friend?

When it comes to friendships, many of us have a variety of people we spend time with. Some of these are genuine, caring friends, but this is not always the case.

You may find that some of your so-called friends are not genuine friends at all. However, it is not always easy to determine whether certain friends are disingenuous.

One thing you can do is look out for the signs of a fake friend. This will make it easier for you to decide who should remain in your circle of friends.

The Signs To Look Out For

There are various signs that could indicate you have a fake friend. Making sure you are familiar with these signs can help you determine which friends are true ones.

Some of the signs to look out for include:

They Have To Work At Being Liked

One sign that you have a fake friend is that they have to work at being liked. Their fakeness makes them generally unlikeable, so they have to work hard to get people to like them.

This means that they cannot be themselves around others, as they have to put on a fake front. This is something you can pick up on when watching them around new people.

They Love To Show Off

Another trait of a fake friend is that they love showing off in front of others. They will do this even if it means putting you down or belittling you.

You may notice that these fake friends show off far more than they should. They will also show off to anyone and everyone, not just to people in their own group.

They Always Want Attention

Many fake people will go out of their way to get attention from others. This is because fake friends crave attention and always want to be in the spotlight.

Often, fake friends will try to take attention away from others to get people to focus on them. They will do this even if it means taking the spotlight from you or other friends.

They Are Always Critical

One of the other signs of fake friends is that they are always critical. They love to criticize others but hate being criticized themselves.

You will find that they spend more time criticizing than they should, and they rarely praise anyone. This includes criticizing you or other friends even when it is not justified.

They Love To Gossip

Finally, look out for friends that love to gossip all the time. If they are gossiping to you about others, they are probably gossiping to others about you.

While we all gossip from time to time, fake friends do this all the time. So, you need to be very careful around someone who is a major gossip.

Choose Your Friends Carefully

Now that you know the signs of a fake friend, you can ensure you choose your friends more carefully. So, you can enjoy having a circle of close, genuine friends rather than fake ones.