What Alpha Females In Relationship Breakups Do, And Why You Should Learn From Them

Alpha females in relationship breakups don’t act like other girls do when their romantic relationships end. Not used to following anyone’s lead, these women still hold on to their pride and move on with confidence even when the relationship is finally over. 

As we all know, anyone can get into a bad relationship. Yes, including the uncompromising alpha female.

Despite their charming elusiveness, many men realize they are way over their heads as soon as they get into a relationship with this woman. He might not handle the pressure of being with a woman who expects not only the best for herself but also for her partner.

Rather than upgrading themselves, some men end things to find a woman who is less demanding.

But how do alpha females handle relationship breakups?

Like everything else in her life, an alpha female’s breakup is unlike a typical breakup. She handles every bit of this popular personal setback in life very differently.  

1. Alpha Females In Relationship Breakups Don’t Get Easily Offended

First of all, she knows that society does not exactly support her attitude. She has been called “bitch” and selfish a few times and she knows how to deal with it. This woman understands that these are words people use against go-getters like herself. 

So, any hard words he might say to her will hardly offend her. It will just prove to her he is just like other people who can’t see her true value. 

After getting judged for her career and her boldness, the harsh words she gets from her partner will be water off her back. She knows what’s important in her life and she will not give it up for anyone. That’s why she will not be easily offended.

2. She’ll Move On Fast

Unlike many women in relationships, an alpha female’s life does not revolve around her partner.

Therefore, alpha females in relationship breakups move on quickly. After all, she has a career and big dreams to chase that usually matter to her more than her romantic relationships.

Therefore, after the alpha female suffers a breakup, she will hit the ground running because she has other things to occupy her time. She will do what she loves, and will not feel lost wondering what to do with her life as is usually the case with other women when breakups happen.

Even if she misses him, she might not cry about it. She will instead focus on how much having the relationship held her back.

3. She Won’t Try To Make Up

If there’s one thing alpha females know, it’s being happily single. This woman has had to stay without partners more than a few times in her life because her personality can be intimidating.

So, after a breakup, she will not be in unfamiliar territory like most women are when they part ways with their partners.

She knows how to be happy single, and she has lots of friends and colleagues to occupy her time. So, crawling back to her ex trying to get him back will not be an option.

4. An Alpha Female Won’t Get Jealous

Alpha females in relationship breakups don’t get consumed by jealousy.

In many cases, when breakups happen, there is usually another person involved, even if it’s soon after the breakup. For an alpha woman, this is not an issue.

Her nature makes life without a partner seem more fun and less restrictive. She will probably be thinking she dodged a bullet because the pressure to tone down her ambitions and desires to accommodate her man is now gone.

Although she will grieve the relationship, she knows she will get much further now that she is on her own.

That is why she will not be too jealous that he has found another girlfriend. And you will definitely not see her turn into the crazy ex who stalks her partner and is obsessed with trying to win him back.

She has learned to take the struggles in her life in her stride, and will never obsess so much about someone’s life when they are not an important part of hers. 

And so, guys who often think they can use jealousy to get their exes back will be shocked to find out that their alpha female exes are not falling for their tricks. 

Why An Alpha Female Often Wins In Any Relationship Break Up

In many ways, an alpha female is often the winner in any breakup, regardless of who started it. These girls are honest, they inspire their partners to be better, they are never boring or nagging, and they don’t get needy and clingy. 

In many ways, she is the perfect partner because she can get things done and is also extremely loyal. For instance, she doesn’t see the job of planning romantic dates as a man’s job. She doesn’t mind surprising you with gifts, and she is both intellectually and emotionally intelligent.

And so, when an alpha female relationship ends, she will often come out on top. She would never let any setback hold her back, not even a breakup. So, it will never seem like the breakup affected her at all.

To those who know her, and even to herself, she will seem brighter and better after the breakup. This tough and rare type of girl does not dwell on the setbacks in her life. She always lands on her feet.

That’s why alpha females in relationship breakups never lose control. And if you are not an alpha woman, you definitely have a lot to learn from the way alpha females handle them.