What 11 Celebs Would Look Like If They Decided To Change Their Weight

People react differently to weight changes. For celebrities and even everyday people, adding extra pounds does not always gain the best reception, but once they own it, that is often all they need to shut the naysayers up.

The modern world encourages body positivity and cares less about how much people weigh. If adding a little more weight is what you want, and you don't mind a cute double chin, do it!

Do what makes you happy but be healthy while at it.

We compiled a list of what 11 celebrities would look like if they underwent weight transformation, and it was fun to look at them.

Keanu Reeves

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Just imagine him being John Wick with that imaginary body.

Uma Thurman

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That rounder face seems to suit her better.

Emma Watson

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Looks like a mom's face, right?

Lady Gaga

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She reminds us of a character from a Barbie cartoon.

Jennifer Aniston

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A few pounds would look great on her.

Emilia Clarke

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It seems extra pounds might make her look a little older but would have no hold on her beautiful smile.

Scarlett Johansson

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She looks just as beautiful!

Ryan Reynolds

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Imagine him pulling the stunts he did in Red Notice with this imaginary body. Hilarious! But he would still be perfect for Deadpool!

Brad Pitt

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Still our Mr. Smith.

Tom Cruise

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Mission Impossible!

How do you like these imaginary transformations? Weight gain might make a face chubbier, but does Tom look younger or older?

Angelina Jolie

What 11 Celebs Would Look Like If They Decided To Change Their Weight

Angelina Jolie's cheeks remind us of the female lead in the Korean series Oh My Venus. All shades of chubby-cute.

Have you ever undergone weight transformation? How was it for you? Whether by choice or not, we hope you are getting comfortable in your own body.