We're Constantly Asked For Pictures': Teen Researches Why Sending Naked Pics Is Now Normal

we’re constantly asked for pictures’: teen researches why sending naked pics is now normal

If there was a time when we went out at bars and attended parties to meet cute guys for dating, we need to be aware that this may not be the same with the young people of today.

Times have changed since then. The dating rules are dictated by some new dating culture, which may sound unacceptable.

Sending nude pics has become a normal thing among teenagers from all around the world. Although some of us may dislike this common trend, this digital era that we live in has already left its marks for sure.

However, teenagers are not that indifferent as we make them in our thoughts. A Canadian teen has made a research project revolving around the question: Why do boys so often ask girls for naked pics?

And now, believe it or not, she's rewriting the school curriculum.

Why Do Boys So Often Ask Girls For Naked Pics?

Kiona Osowski, a twelve-grade student from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, has been working on her final year research project since the beginning of the school year.

In the name of her last assignment, she wanted a true challenge. So, she chose to explore a very intriguing topic for the younger generations these days.

"I think a lot of people don't want to talk about it, but it's happening. We're constantly asked for pictures, or we're sent things without our consent."

The urge in boys to ask girls for naked pics has become a kind of a societal norm. And she said that this needs to be dissected.

Young Kiona has worked on her project with her mentors' help: psychology teacher Heather Gunn and sociology teacher Chris Evans.

Throughout her research, she found many 'toxic' media messages that teenagers are consuming. And they are influencing this behavior a lot.

She wrote a letter to the school district, outlining her conclusions:

"Nude photos, media exploitation of women, toxic male gender representation and violence-inducing media, porn and so many other issues are simply not talked about. Many of the adults in our lives are unaware of the issues going on with our youth."

Toxic Masculinity

The term 'toxic masculinity' is not something that the media invented to provoke clicks, traffic, and endless debates. It is a fact that boys watch a lot of movies, video games, and porn. In the long run, that projects the wrong picture about sex and would lead to expectations that are far from real. Kiona's statistics prove that she's not wrong.

According to PornHub, one of the most popular porn sites globally, three-quarters of its audience is male. Some other estimations of the porn industry state that overall, male viewers make up 90 percent of the demographic.

90 percent of boys and 70 percent of girls aged 13 and 14 have seen porn

25 percent of teens had seen porn accidentally when they weren't even looking for it

Osowski's research found that television and movies are often portrayed as dominant, aggressive, and with a huge lack of emotions. She claims that this has left boys with the feeling that anger is the only acceptable emotion. And later, this feeling becomes a belief.

The thing about porn is that it gives unrealistic expectations to young boys, way different than those they should have.

She claims:

"There's this ideal that men have that they deserve certain things, a rich man with a nice house and a beautiful woman, and when men don't get that in reality, they can become really frustrated because they don't know how to experience emotion."

Girls Vs The Media

The Media also is a huge factor for girls. It affects how they are reflecting themselves in other people's eyes. It messes with their self-esteem, and it plays with their insecurities.

She recalls her middle-school memories of seeing images of skinny, 'perfect-looking' women on social media and desperately wishing to look like them.

"I just kind of went on with my life and I was like, 'Well, I can hate my body because everyone else does too,' so that's why I want to make it so it's not normal."

Unfortunately, this wasn't the case, just with her. It's the ugly truth that young adults face, and most of her friends claimed that they struggled with the same thoughts.

Self-consciousness and self-loathing have a huge effect on the previous question about nude pictures. This is one of the many reasons why girls might feel compelled to send naked pics when a boy asks them to do it. It's about the validation about their looks they would get from that situation.

Re-Writing The School Curriculum

As a part of the project, the young girl has rewritten the province's grade nine and ten personal development curriculum.

Her teacher, Heather Gunn said:

"[Students] don't always want to hear from moms and dads and grown-ups. I think that they look to peers that they respect and they see themselves in and they respect Kiona and those who will be working with her."

But Kiona hasn't stopped here. She's hoping to present her research to the members of the high school's parent school support committee. Her next instance would be to get an audience with school district officials.

While others are disappointed in the young people of today's world, Osowski honestly believes that she and her generation are smart enough to change things.

Although this whole project started with a simple question that may sound naive to some audience, consider it a job well-done. It ended with a much greater purpose that will hopefully change the situation for the next generation.