We’re All A Little Broken And That’s Okay

We all have faced something at some point in life that may have been unpleasant or painful. Whatever it may be, consciously or unconsciously we think about those experiences. Perhaps you are on the transit on your way somewhere, but every image brings a form of past memory. While sitting in your seat, you could see different sets of people and each of them takes a particular “space” within your brain.

You allocate a certain image to them. From where you sit, you could see a young couple holding hands and you create the image of a young family with a future problem. You saw that little child trading on the road and what came to your mind is poverty. You saw a man on the phone screaming on top of his voice and you figure him as a businessperson. This continues as you place everyone within your sight in your image.

The reality is that even as you see all of these people and place them in your “memory box”, that is not all they are. You do not know if the young couple you met has a future with happiness, where no fighting ever occurs within them. That child you saw trading could have a glorious future ahead. You only saw a part of his entire picture. Every individual you meet has something unique about his or her life that you cannot accurately guess correctly. They may also have something in their life that hurts them constantly. You don’t see this on a normal basis in life unless you are in a situation with people or behind their hurt in a relevant circumstance. It is okay to assume the best in life.

According to the novelist and blogger Holly L. Wright “Many people are living fractured. Broken. They look quite normal on the outside. They go to work. Laugh at lunch. Smile until you touch their broken place.” I’m sure many can agree with me that she is absolutely right. We all have our broken place. For some, we have broken places. Nevertheless, do not make the mistake that being broken is the same as being damaged. The pieces do not mean you are traumatized. Rather it means there are merely more delicate parts of you.

What we are today is the combination of these fragile parts. Today we are not the perfect picture of what we wanted to be. It is our imperfections. It is our mishaps, mistakes, indents, and the sensitive parts that we most times hide. This is what comprises what we are. This is a description that indeed, we are living life the way we wanted to. Though some people have emotions to hide inside, it is hard to hide them. To live our life to its fullest, we have to do all that is possible. Let us be real about life. Without the messy bits, life could be more interesting. If life were to be easy, it would be unexciting to work for anything. Therefore, I challenge you to wear your soul and heart on your jacket. The only way we can truly show our courage is by showing our broken bits. It is not a crime to be broken. Everyone has been broken at one point in life. No matter how broken you may have been or how broken you may feel, think positive, and keep moving forward because the sky will be your starting point.