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Wendy's Is Bringing Back Spicy Chicken Nuggets This August

Wendy’s Is Bringing Back Spicy Chicken Nuggets This August

To all those who care about spicy chicken nuggets as much as I do, mark your calendars. Wendy's will carry on the glorious, hot tasty nuggets once again in August.

Wendy has been among the American's favorite fast-food chains. It has been for us in both the dark and the good times, with its deliciously deep-fried burgers and chicken.

Like most fast-food chains, Wendy's menu changes every year, and they always have something good for us.

Recently, the food chain took to Twitter to announce its great news, and the internet has gone wild since then.

Chance the Rapper recently twitted:

"Positive Affirmations for today: I WILL have a good day, I Will succeed today, Wendy's WILL bring back spicy nuggets at some point please please Lord let it be today."

Wendy's fast-food chain is known for its quick response to tweets, and it seized the opportunity after Chance the Rapper raised the concern. The food chain announced that it'd bring the spicy chicken nugget if its company tweet receives 2 million likes.

The food chain tweeted:

"Y'all keep asking, so here's your chance."

"The people in charge say if you guys can get our tweet (this one right here) to 2 Million likes, they will bring SPICY CHICKEN NUGGETS BACK. Let's freakin' do this!"

The tweet went viral, and internet users responded with a "collective" acceptance.

And Wendy's social media person seemed staggered by the tremendous response. Confirming the news, the company wrote:

"THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Spicy Chicken Nuggets are coming back! Y'all are crazy! That took like a day and a half! WHAT?! We don't know when yet, gotta figure it out, but soon, and ok, LOSING IT RIGHT NOW THIS IS AMAZING!!"

Wendy's was founded in November 1969 in Columbus, Ohio, and in December 2018, it became the third-largest hamburger food chain, following McDonald's and Burger King.

But Wendy's chicken nuggets drive the world crazy. Perhaps it's because they're so delicious.

The company has definitely nailed the chicken nugget game.

However, in 2017, Wendy's took the spicy chicken nuggets off their menu because it wasn't selling well enough. And people were torn up by the company's decision.

But after the recent Wendy's tweet in pursuit of bringing back the nuggets, it shows that people will do almost everything to get Wendy's spicy chicken nugget.

Kurt Kane, executive vice-president of Wendy's, said in an emailed statement after their recent tweet went viral:

"Since the day they left our menu, people have been asking Wendy's to bring back Spicy Nuggets."

"But nothing matches the passion we've witnessed on Twitter in the past two days."

Some celebrities popped up to show their support of the nugget return, including the super-diva, Jeffree Starr.

So, when will we be reunited with the nuggets?

It took the company a month to announce the re-release of the spicy nuggets.

Wendy has announced nuggets will return on 19th August 2019, and what a glorious day that will be!

But to some, August seems like a century waiting for their favorite chicken nugget. All we can do now is just be patient until we're reunited with our beloved spicy chicken nuggets.