Weeknd's Plastic Surgery Look Leaves Fans Horrified

weeknd’s plastic surgery look leaves fans horrified

Weeknd's fans are more than shocked after seeing what he looks like in his latest video. The popular musician has had plastic surgery.

Currently, he spots puffy lips and swollen cheeks. So, he was right to claim that: "But then you saw me, caught you by surprise."

That is the absolute truth because this drastic facial transformation has shocked everyone.

Apparently, in this year, Weeknd is focused on embracing "new year, new you."

The recently premiered song, "Save Your Tears," is off the album "After Hours." In general, it has left many of his fans dumbfounded after they saw what he looks like.

In the increasingly popular music video, the 30-year-old star can be seen with these incredible and worrying alterations on his face.

Some of the noticeable changes include a crooked nose, puffed up and swollen lips, bloated cheeks, and obvious surgery scars.

Fans Unhappy With Celebrity's New Look

A lot of fans were not happy with the transformation, and they were genuinely worried about what the star had done.

One of the fans commented:

"Why does The Weeknd look like that in the Save Your Tears music video!?! I don't like it."

To make a more dramatic point, another fan lifted a line from his 2018 hit, "Can't Feel My Face" to make him understand the disadvantages of undergoing plastic surgery. The fan quoted: "I bet he really can't feel his face now."

weeknd's plastic surgery look leaves fans horrified

There are speculations that this reaction has something to do with the celebrity getting left out of the 2021 Grammy Awards, where his album "After Hours" got zero nominations. The experience is believed to have left the Canadian singer emotionally crushed.

Clearly, his fans are not pleased with Weeknd's new look. They consider the procedure extreme and similar to what Michael Jackson did over many years.

Others found the strange operation funny and suggested that he try his hand at playing Batman's popular villain, Joker.

Undoubtedly, his new look is far from endearing.

It is clear the appearance was attained after prosthetics or CGI. The popular musician has a history of getting Prosthetic Renaissance makeup effects.

In fact, the studio that often does this work on him has taken credit for the celebrity's bizarre facial transformation on Instagram.

However, it is also likely the look is permanent. In November, the singer attended an award ceremony and even accepted an honor at the American Music Awards with a heavily bandaged face.

weeknd's plastic surgery look leaves fans horrified

On many occasions, Weeknd has shocked his fans with his amazing musical abilities. This time, the star seems to have gone a little further by drawing strong public reactions with his unusual facial transformation.