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Weed-Infused Non-Alcoholic Wine Exists For Those Who Prefer THC To Alcohol

Although I don't have an issue with the taste of white wine, I dislike the effects of alcohol, so I refrain from drinking it. Instead, I enjoy relaxing occasionally with a bit of cannabis. A new product is now available that caters to people who share my sentiments by offering cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic wine, providing the best of both worlds.

1. Thank You, Rebel Coast Winery

Since 2012, the company has been producing both red and white wines, driven by a singular objective: to "make wine for everybody. No 'chateau,' no last names in cursive, no '100-year-old tradition,' no $80 price tag." Basically, they want "to simply make wines to excite the rebellious spirit in us all." This approach is also reflected in their cannabis-infused wine.

2. It's Called Rebel Coast Cannabis Infused Sauvignon Blanc

Rebel Coast's cannabis-infused wine contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume and a noteworthy 20mg of THC. This amounts to roughly 5mg of THC per glass, which may not get you extremely high, but is sufficient to induce a pleasant buzz.

3. If You're Concerned About Calories, More Good News Awaits

Regular wine typically contains around 150 calories per glass due to its alcohol content. As Rebel Coast's cannabis-infused wine is alcohol-free, it only has about 35 calories per glass, making it a compelling reason to indulge in more!

4. It's A Godsend For People Who Don't Drink

Although there's no harm in indulging in the occasional glass of wine or beer (or spirits, if that's what you prefer), an increasing number of individuals in their 20s are opting to consume less or no alcohol at all. In my opinion, providing the wine experience without the ensuing hangover is a clever strategy.

5. It's Not Necessarily The Cheapest Wine You'll Get

Priced at $60 per bottle, which is reasonable considering the THC concentration, Rebel Coast's cannabis-infused wine is not available at your neighborhood liquor store due to its THC content. As of now, it can only be purchased from a licensed dispensary in California. However, one can hope that it will become accessible in other states where cannabis has been legalized in the future.