Weddings Are Overrated — I Had Rather Put All My Effort Into A Beautiful Marriage

In recent years, I've seen many of my female friends tie the knot. I've been part of the preparations and it has altered my perception of weddings completely. Once upon a time, I yearned for a fairytale wedding, but as a grown-up with a taste of harsh reality, my priorities have shifted. I'm no longer obsessed with having a Pinterest-perfect ceremony. Instead, I crave a love that's beautiful and a partner who I'm eager to share the rest of my life with.

1. Weddings cost so much (way too much) money

It's incredible to see how much money people are willing to splurge on weddings and extravagant items that end up stashed away in storage after the big day. The dress, invitations, and photo shoots can be overwhelming! While I do want a meaningful celebration with my loved ones someday, I prefer to invest the money into something more practical, such as an unforgettable trip with my future spouse or saving towards the home we envision having someday.

2. Nothing can ruin my wedding day if the love I have is genuinely real

I wonder why many brides feel the need to be flawless and have every detail just right, even down to the stemware on the table. Why do they panic when something tiny goes wrong? For me, as long as I have the love that brings me to marriage, nothing else holds much significance. Even if I fell into the cake, I'd be content and appreciative that my partner would be there to pull me out and help clean me off.

3. I don't care about material things or proving my status to anyone

I have no interest in wearing a pricey wedding dress from a famous designer or having an extensive list of expensive items and "must-haves" to make my wedding remarkable. A Pinterest-perfect ceremony isn't necessary to validate my relationship or myself. The purpose of a wedding is to commemorate the love I already have, not to demonstrate that it exists.

4. I'm going to love my husband more than my wedding day

The only aspect of my wedding day that excites me is the exchange of vows with the man I'm marrying because it represents my commitment to spend the rest of my life with someone I truly love. I believe that people often overlook the fact that weddings are the doorway to marriage, which is a significant commitment. A single-day celebration pales in comparison to the daily dedication and effort required to maintain and nurture our love, life, and family together. In the grand scheme of enduring love, a wedding is merely a small fraction of the whole picture.

5. It's just one day

While I do plan to have a wedding celebration someday, I find it unreasonable to spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on a one-day event. Starting a marriage with a considerable amount of debt seems illogical to me. Hence, it's not something I'm interested in.

6. I'd rather have a fairytale love than a fairytale wedding

While I could afford to pay for extravagant items like a chocolate swan fountain, a champagne ice luge, and a Swarovski detailed gown, I believe that none of these things can ever surpass the joy of having a partner who loves, respects, and remains loyal to me unconditionally long after the wedding celebration has ended. To me, being treated like a queen by the man I marry is the ultimate reward.

7. My groom is more important than my bridal perfection

Looking beautiful on my big day is important, but I believe that the man I marry will love me for who I am - whether I look perfect or not. Therefore, that's all that truly matters to me. I won't spend the entire day obsessing over minor details or micromanaging my bridesmaids' hairstyles to fit my preferences. All I truly want is the groom, and our marriage is what really counts. I'm not going to stress over the insignificant details.

8. My energy is better spent working on growing my relationship

I used to fear turning into a Bridezilla, but after witnessing it firsthand as a maid of honor, I now understand what's truly important. I won't pressure my bridesmaids or bark orders at those around me to create a perfect, one-day celebration. For me, perfection is coming home to a committed and loving relationship with my husband, which we both work on every day to keep it amazing.

9. The wedding doesn't tell the story, the love does

As a woman, I've dreamed about my wedding day since I was a little girl. While I still desire a lovely dress, a joyful celebration with my loved ones, and declaring my eternal love for the one who truly deserves me, it's not my primary focus. Whether my wedding is budget-friendly, a Pinterest disaster, or a spontaneous elopement in Vegas, I won't mind. That's because my wedding day isn't the main event - it's the love that led me there. When we exchange our vows and gaze into each other's eyes, even if I'm dressed in a plain burlap outfit, it will be a testament to our love story. Because the beauty of my marriage will always surpass that of my wedding day.