Wedding Wardrobe Dilemma: To Dry Clean Or Not To Dry Clean?


Newlyweds have a strong emotional attachment to their wedding gowns and tuxedo. Besides the monetary investment they made, their wedding wardrobe holds a special place in their hearts. That's why it is understandable why some are in a dilemma on how to care for and preserve their wedding wardrobe, as they fear that the dry cleaning process might alter them.

So to those couples who are excited to have their wedding soon, here are our tips on how you preserve your wedding wardrobe's appearance and sentimental value.


Considerations Before Opting for the Cleaning Process

After your enchanting wedding day, the gown and tuxedo become evident that it came from a celebratory atmosphere. From spills and stains to wrinkles and wear, these common after-party conditions must be addressed promptly to prevent irreversible damage and ensure the long-term preservation of your wedding wardrobe.


But where do you bring your wedding wardrobe? Is it to your neighborhood dry cleaner? Or can you just do a DIY at home?

Entrusting it to a professional dry cleaning service answers your doubts. But, there are considerations you must check to ensure you choose the proper cleaning process.

- Determine the fabric type and sensitivity of your wedding wardrobe. Each fabric type reacts to the dry cleaning process. Delicate fabrics like silk, lace, and chiffon need a more gentle approach. It is best to inquire about this with the dry cleaner and ask if they have experience handling such materials.


- You have to consider the intricate embellishments, beading, sequins, or embroidery on your wedding gown. These features may not withstand the dry cleaning process. If your wedding gown has these details, ask the dry cleaner if they can handle these embellishments.

- Besides your wedding gown's intricate design, you must communicate existing damages to your wedding wardrobe. You have to inspect the wedding dress and tuxedo to identify any issues with the dry cleaner. Telling them about the existing damage and condition can help them take appropriate precautions during the cleaning process and prevents further damage.


- Know the risks associated when opting for dry cleaning. Just like any process, it has numerous benefits and potential risks. Color fading and fabric damage are one of the risks you have to acknowledge. But, you can minimize these risks by choosing a reputable dry cleaning that is an expert in safeguarding fabric integrity.

- Choose a reputable and experienced dry cleaner. Know which of the dry cleaning services is experienced in handling wedding attire. Read their customer reviews and testimonials to ensure the quality of their services. Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or wedding organizers if possible.


Benefits of Professional Dry Cleaning

- They use specialized equipment. Professional dry cleaners use advanced machinery explicitly designed for delicate fabrics. They ensure thorough cleaning without causing damage or color fading.

- Dry cleaners are trained to identify different fabric types and stain compositions. They are experts in selecting the appropriate solvents and techniques for effective stain removal.


- Professional dry cleaning is a gentle process that minimizes friction, preventing wear and tear that can occur during traditional washing.

- It can efficiently remove stains with its specialized solvents. These solvents can effectively dissolve and remove a wide range of stains, including oil-based and water-based ones.

- Dry cleaning eliminates lingering odors, leaving the attire smelling fresh and clean.


Proper Storage of Wedding Wardrobe

The benefits of bringing your wedding wardrobe to a professional dry cleaner will only have long-term effectivity if you properly store them. Here is how you should keep your wedding gown and tuxedo:

- Use breathable bags instead of plastic ones. Breathable bags prevent dust accumulation while allowing air circulation, reducing the risk of moisture buildup. You may also consider a preservation box for added protection and long-term storage.


- Place acid-free tissue paper between layers of the attire to prevent creasing and protect delicate fabrics from direct contact. Avoid regular tissue paper, as it can transfer acids onto the fabric.

- Do not hang them on wire hangers. Padded or fabric-covered hangers prevent stretching or distorting the fabric stress points.

- Place them in a cool, dark, and dry storage area to minimize the risk of color fading, yellowing, and fabric deterioration. Avoid attics, basements, and spaces with fluctuating temperature and humidity levels.


- Avoid direct sunlight. It may cause fabrics to fade and weaken. Store the attire away from windows and areas exposed to sunlight.

- Inspect your wedding wardrobe regularly. This allows you to address any discoloration, pests, or damages promptly.

Make the Right Choice for Your Wedding Wardrobe

Choosing which cleaning process for your wedding wardrobe is a crucial decision. In your hands lies the power to safeguard the elegance and significance of your wedding attire. Through careful consideration, informed choices, and a commitment to preservation, you can ensure that this tangible memento continues to shine brightly, encapsulating joy, emotion, and romance.