Wedding Photographer Sends Bride And Groom Photos With Embarrassing File Names

After the wedding party discovered that the photographer had labeled the wedding images as 'ugly bride, fat groom and dying grandma', their anger led the photographer to retire from the industry.

Upon landing a wedding photography gig, Reddit user @hamzakahn was filled with excitement and joy. Regrettably, this happiness was fleeting as it waned abruptly following an angry phone call from the client.

The circumstances were so dire that the original poster (OP) made the decision to completely withdraw from the industry and start on a new path.

OP promised to give a best-moments video the day right after the event.

They show up at the wedding, take the photos, head home, and start editing.

But editing felt dull, so OP decided to have a little fun to pass the time.

Rather than using conventional file names, OP chose to incorporate some embarrassing descriptors into them. Remarkably, OP even succeeded in delivering the highlight reel within the following day.

The bride's happiness was so immense that she even requested the unedited photos, intending to turn it into a family activity of viewing them all together.

Therefore, OP compressed a directory into a zip folder and dispatched it without verifying the file names.

Just as OP was on the brink of entering their exam, their phone rang with a call from the bride. Answering, they assumed it might concern the pending payment.

However, the bride severely reprimanded them for their actions, leaving OP perplexed about the incident that had triggered such a strong response.

Subsequently, he reached out to a classmate who happened to be related to the bride, seeking additional clarification.

With assistance from their friend, the understanding hit them like a stack of bricks.

Finally, OP examined the file names to gauge the extent of the trouble they were in.

As evident, no one was spared from OP's scrutiny.

OP's unique naming approach continued for an additional 60 video clips.

Eventually, OP dialed their friend's number again and offered a heartfelt apology. During the conversation, they learned that the entire family had come across the file names, and even her father had read through each one. The bride had rushed out in tears, while the groom remained in solemn silence.

OP's friend conveyed that it was unlikely they would receive their payment, but on the positive side, grandma had found humor in her clip's name and shared a laugh.

Due to the overwhelming embarrassment, OP refrained from requesting their payment and made the decision to never photograph another wedding again.

Commentators were taken aback by the behavior of the bride's father.

Another editor added their perspective, stating that it's precisely why they avoid any sort of cheeky risks.

Some individuals labeled OP as unprofessional.

Others offered words of encouragement to OP, suggesting they view this as a valuable learning experience and an opportunity for personal growth.