Wedding Guest Called "Trashy" After Stealing The Limelight

The attire chosen by a wedding attendee has resulted in a negative response towards her on her friend's important occasion.

A photograph that has reemerged on the internet and was originally posted on the Reddit forum r/trashy, depicts a group of nine individuals comprising a US bridal party. Although everyone is flashing a smile for the camera, a certain woman stands out from the group.

The photo is titled 'When you just have to steal the spotlight' and features a female attendee wearing a low-cut navy dress that reveals a significant amount of cleavage while posing next to the bride.

Several individuals who commented expressed their shock and disapproval, alleging that the guest had grabbed all the attention. However, some users of Reddit contended that those who criticized the woman were exhibiting misogynistic behavior.

The bride was adorned in a white, full-length dress with straps, complemented with flowers in her hair, while the groom donned a black suit with a blue satin tie.

However, the individual who garnered the most notice in the discussion was the lady situated on the left-hand side of the bride.

She had donned a sapphire blue lace dress featuring a V-neckline that was cut low.

One user commented: "She's purposefully putting herself in front of the bride and hanging her boobs dead center."

A second wrote: "The more you look, the worse it gets."

A third penned: "Kinda feel bad for the bride in all honesty."

A fourth said: "This is the trashiest wedding photo I've ever seen."

Nevertheless, a few users were prompt to justify the attendee and argued that she cannot change her natural physique.

One user wrote: "She can't help that she has larger breasts. The same dress on a woman with smaller breasts wouldn't be considered her "trying to get attention". People are so hypercritical of busty women, it's sad."

Another individual expressed a similar viewpoint and protected the woman by saying: "Yeah, she doesn't really look like she's actually trying to steal the spotlight."

"It looks more like she had a few drinks (naturally, it's a wedding) and wasn't paying attention to how her pose would look to the camera. Also alcohol warms you up and so the titty exposure would likely have not been as noticeable to her."

Several Redditors also noted that the individuals criticizing the woman were demonstrating misogyny.

Another penned: "It's incredibly trashy to body shame that woman as if her just existing with that anatomy is a call for attention. F*ck you."

A third Reddit user commented: "I have a smaller chest and I'm honestly kind of jealous at how nice she looks."

This follows a situation where a woman was heavily criticized for wearing a white dress to her friend's wedding, with numerous women condemning her for attempting to steal the attention.

Lacey-Jade Christie exhibited her short white dress on TikTok, while simultaneously flaunting her vibrant nails, facial jewels, and accessories.

However, individuals promptly expressed their apprehensions about the ensemble, with many asserting that it was unsuitable for a wedding, both in terms of its style and color.