Wearing Your Boyfriend's Clothes Boosts Mental Health, So Stealing His Hoodie Is Officially Self-Care

Wearing Your Boyfriend’s Clothes Boosts Mental Health, So Stealing His Hoodie Is Officially Self-care

I think that besides looking really sexy and cute wearing your boyfriend's comfortable oversized shirt, it's really great enjoying how he smells. A new study says that there are additional benefits to stealing and wearing your man's clothing around the house.

Apparently, it's also great for your mental health, particularly when he is far away. You know what that means right? Being caught in his college hoodie is complete proof that you care about your mental health.

The findings were made public after a study was completed by the University of British Columbia. During the research, 96 couples were involved. Men were asked to put on a new t-shirt for 24 hours, and they were made to follow rules that would not alter their scent.

These t-shirts were then carefully collected and frozen to preserve their scent before they were randomly given to the women.

Not all women could place the scent of their partners on the shirts, and here's what the study dug up.

1. It's comforting

Although nothing compares to having your boyfriend around you, wearing his clothes meets this need to some extent. That is why wearing his hoodie feels comforting, which also explains why you like sleeping on his side of the bed when he is not around.

2. The scent lowered the stress hormone

Being close to a partner's scent was seen to lower cortisol levels in the brain. Cortisol is a stress hormone. So, by scent alone, your boyfriend can make you less stressed.

3. Another man's scent can have the opposite effect

According to the study, you cannot just slip on any guy's clothes and expect the comfort and stress-reduction that your boyfriend's clothes offer you. As a matter of fact, for the women who did not get the shirts of their partners, stress levels were boosted. The researchers said this had something to do with "fear of the unknown." After all, people naturally fear strangers, especially males, and this could happen indirectly through smell.

4. It's a great new way to demonstrate your affection

So, looking for an exciting new way to tell your boyfriend you missed him? Let him catch you wearing his clothes around the house.