We Were Like The Moon And The Stars

We Were Like The Moon And The Stars

You promised me unconditional love and I believed you. Y

ou brought the sun in my hands to brighten up my days.

Your sunburnt my heart and turned it into a temple of fire.

Why was there an ocean of tears in my eyes and fire in my heart?

Will the waves of the ocean wash away my tears and heal my heart?

You said let's travel around the world to see its beauty.

I spin the globe, wherever it lands, that's where we will go.

Our wings already exists, all we have to do is fly around the world.

Let the wind kiss our faces.

Let the rain wash away the pain of yesterday.

We landed on this country of Love, dancing and laughing across this field of flowers.

I picked up the most beautiful flower, and like our love, we needed it to let it grow.

As I turned around you were not here anymore.

Pain and fear appeared in my chest.

Was I dreaming of you all this time?

The field of flowers turned into a cold mountain.

I screamed your name and begged God to leave you with me.

But God had other plans for you. A part of me died and left with you the day God took you home.

We were not only like the moon and the stars, you were my whole world.

You said, If you miss me, "look at the beauty of the moon, and remember, when the moon isn't around, the stars shine more brightly."