"We Spent $700… My Night Was Ruined!" Woman Loses It After Staff Try To Save Dying Woman Instead Of Serving Her

“we spent $700… my night was ruined!” woman loses it after staff try to save dying woman instead of serving her

A woman learned that the internet could be rough and unforgiving after she claimed her night was ruined by staff who tried to save a woman's life instead of serving her while at Kilroy's restaurant.

On the internet, things can escalate quickly. That is why people end up getting death threats online, with others watch helplessly from the sidelines as their employers are bullied into firing them.

Of course, such people's reputations end up in tatters, and the hate ends up being way greater than the initial mistake.

Few stories prove this better than this story from 2016. A woman made a heartless and misguided rant on the restaurant's Facebook page.

The internet flew into a rage as soon as the post went viral. Although the post was hateful and selfish, and the restaurant manager had every right to reprimand her as he did.

However, people soon found out what the woman did, and the death threats and other insults started flooding her social media accounts.

There was also some collateral damage since people with names like hers ended up getting threats and insults.

It did not take long for the woman to lose her job. She has since gone missing on social media.

What Inspires People To Do This To Offenders?

The post has gone viral on more than one occasion, and once again, people are getting furious over it. It seems like people never get enough of such stories.

Maybe they want to come back and fight some more because they feel they are doing the world a favor by standing up against bullying and other forms of bad behavior.

This was revealed by Dr. Guy Aitchison of University College Dublin, who had this to say:

"It's a relatively low-cost way to feel like you are doing something noble."

However, the doctor also warns that there are downsides to this vigilante behavior:

"But there are also darker motivations at work: the psychic pleasure in seeing someone else brought low and humiliated."

On some level, online shaming does help set some people straight, and it helps send strong messages about the proper social behavior, such as kindness and compassion.

However, it might be time we started thinking about the real-life consequences of "teaching people a lesson." Maybe there is a better way.

For instance, have a look at some of the things people are saying about this particular incident.

It is not clear how much damage the entitled woman suffered, but she does not have the best years of her life after her viral comment. What's clear is that she more than paid for her mistake.

On the flip side, the old lady who almost lost her life at the restaurant fared better after the incident as the story drew more attention to her GoFundMe page. The restaurant got lots of thumbs up and additional business after the incident as well.