We Need To Talk About Zac Efron's New Level Of Hotness

We Need To Talk About Zac Efron’s New Level Of Hotness

Zac Efron has been a hit with females right from the very start of his career. We saw him in the early 2000s in guest roles on a handful of TV series such as 'ER' and 'Firefly'.

Then, in 2005, Zac stole the hearts of millions of young girls when he starred in 'High School Musical'.

Since then, every role he played was adored by fans who loved his looks as well as his acting talent.

Teenagers everywhere had weak knees when they saw him.


Now, Zac's making the hearts of older ladies (who may have grown up swooning about him) beat faster.

It's as if the young man went from a teenage heartthrob to a mature stud and we're loving it!

More Muscular Appearance


Zac is now sporting a beard and his body seems to be more sculpted and women can't get enough of it.

His manly look just can't be ignored and it's driving us crazy. Zac is not a boy anymore - he is all man now.

Increased Attention


The social media streets have been buzzing as people melt over the man's appearance. Twitter can be a vain place but tweeps know how to appreciate a good-looking man.

Photos of Zac looking gorgeous are being shared left, right and center and everybody is drooling.

Yes, there is much more to the actor than looks - he loves learning about and respecting other countries and living an eco-friendly life - but there's no denying that Zav's very pleasing to the eye.


Down To Earth


Zac's new eight-part series, 'Down To Earth' is getting a lot of attention. We highly recommend that you give it a watch when you have time.

It is a great show about displaying thoughtfulness and kindness and appreciating the beauty around you.

In the show, Zac is traveling to different countries and looking at how they live sustainably. The show is worth watching for the lovely locations as well as the focus on sustainable and eco-friendly living.


Countries that are visited include London, France, Iceland, Peru, Sardinia, and Peru. Puerto Rico is also on the list of destinations.

'Down To Earth' was launched on 10 July on Netflix and stars Zac, and the actress and wellness expert Darin Olien. She is also the show's executive producer.

Zac's sexy new appearance is just an added bonus. We don't condone objectifying men (or any person) but we can't say the man's not a beauty worth preserving either.