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We Can All Agree This All-You-Can-Drink Tequila Train Starting At $111 Is A Dream Come True!

Regular trains are BORING! It's time to climb aboard the tequila train.

Have you ever wanted to drink your way through Mexico? Jose Cuervo is apparently here to make all your dreams come true. The beloved tequila brand is now offering an all-you-can-drink experience, so you can make your booziest travel dreams a reality.

And that's all we want from life; a train where you can get drunk on a tasty golden liquid without any worries.

The Jose Cuervo Express departs from Guadalajara. It travels to Tequila town, rolling past a landscape full of agave plants (the blue-green beauties that take anywhere from six to 12 years to mature before they can be harvested to make tequila).

Jose Cuervo website reads:

"There are acres of agave plants in which juice is extracted to produce our tequila; besides, you are able to taste it and enjoy this unique and exceptional flavor. Witness an amazing demonstration of agave Jima, the manual process that continues to be carried out for the tequila elaboration."

The train has been around for a few years now, and it runs primarily on Saturdays, offers three different classes of "experiences:" Express, Premium, and Premium Plus.

While each ticket has tequila cocktails included, the Premium Plus will grant you access to the open bar where premium liquors are flowing.

During your trip, you'll get to travel in the "most exclusive" coach on the train and indulge in some exclusive perks, including seasonal fruit before boarding. You'll also taste an assortment of Mexican snacks and cocktails that are served to you right at your seat.

The ride often takes about an hour, after which you will partake in a professional tequila tasting guided by a Maestro Tequilero, followed by a tour in Cuervo's La RojeƱa distillery.

You'll also get free time to explore the town of Tequila or grab lunch before checking out a Mexican cultural show that includes dancing and indulge in a "classical" premium tequila toast. All the costs are included in the ticket price.

If you're set on adding this journey to your next getaway plans, you'll want to book your ticket in advance, as they tend to sell out fast.

The train's rides and tours cost range from $110-130 per person: $111 for Express, $119 for Premium, and $129 Premium Plus ticket.

But if you don't fancy traveling to Mexico, Napa Valley Wine and Tequila Tours might be just for you. The company hosts its own tequila tasting experience in California.