We Are All Connected

We Are All Connected

We all live in the same universe, on the same planet and we are all connected in a way that we may not see but can feel. Some people can feel this connection more intensely than others. Sadly, many people can't feel the connection at all.

There are 6 problems that the people who do feel it, often called old souls, have to go through. They are not alone, but it does feel that way sometimes.


If you're one of these people, you will relate to and understand the following problems.

Here are the six universal problems only old souls will understand:

You Speak A Whole Different Language

Often, people don't get what you're saying, as if you're speaking a completely foreign language. Normal conversations don't seem to 'cut it' for you. It's like something is missing. For you, idle gossip or meaningless discussions don't stimulate or interest you.


You're An Outcast

Old souls find it very difficult to fit in with most people. They do very well around other like-minded folks though. However, finding someone who feels and thinks the same way as you do is rare. This can make you feel like you're an outcast and that leads to a degree of loneliness.

You Want To Live A Full Life

For you, sitting around and simply watching TV feels like you're ignoring your own existence. Old souls often have existential crises - it's not something they ask for, it just happens. That is why you should focus on self-love and take care of yourself. If you don't, your existence could become too much to bear. Do what you can to keep the old soul inside happy and satisfied. Just living a simple, uneventful life will not be enough to satiate your soul's hunger.


Finding A Kindred Spirit Is Difficult

It isn't easy to connect to people and you won't likely connect to just anyone. Finding someone that you can relate to and get comfortable with isn't an everyday occurrence. If you do find someone, make sure that you hold on tight. You know by now that finding a kindred spirit is rare, so appreciate the ones you do discover.

You Want To Make The World A Better Place

Old souls yearn for a world that is more peaceful and just better. You are all about leaving the world a better place than how you found it. This is not always easy, but that is the plight of an old soul. You want the world to be a place where everyone feels loved and where the world itself is better as well.


You Get Labelled Incorrectly

It is hard for other people to understand old souls so they get labeled, often this labeling is way off to. This is because people just don't know how to figure you out. But that's not something you can help or even prevent. You shouldn't label yourself or be influenced by other people's opinions. Just continue being you. Every old soul is wonderfully unique.