Ways To Tell Whether Or Not You're An Outgoing Introvert

Ways To Tell Whether Or Not You’re An Outgoing Introvert

Are you ever confused if you are an introvert or an extrovert? You are not alone. A while back I was not sure which side I fell into. I had no idea that you can be somewhere in between. People do not understand me. I could not even recognize myself; so I cannot blame them for not understanding me.

Outgoing introverts have both signs of an extrovert and introvert.

Due to their outgoing personalities, they are considered extroverts. They are very conservative with their thoughts and like to spend time alone which are the traits of an introvert. When you emit the following traits it reveals you are an outgoing introvert.

You're selectively social

When in a social gathering you have two phases depending on the people around you. You can be the life of the party and enjoy moments to the utmost, or your moods are very low, and all you want is to go home and spend time alone. You know what you enjoy doing and discussing with your peers. If people around you cannot add value to your life, you switch off. You never like to waste time on things that are not important.

You loathe small talk

You like to engage in conversations that are meaningful. Anybody discussing normal topics like the weather, celebrity gossip, party events, hair, or fashion bores you off. You wish that you can part ways from small talk. If you are texting, you do not reply to mediocre stuff. Science, political policies, books, and extraterrestrial life are some of the topics you love to engage in talks about. They are subjects that need in-depth knowledge, and that's what brings you joy.

You're mistaken for an extrovert

People you interact with know you as an extrovert. You portray a bubbly personality that aligns with extroverts. You do not mind the label. You keep a lot of thoughts to yourself, and that side of you is hidden from the public.

Your intuition is right most of the time

Most of your relationships with people are real. You are able to differentiate through fake and real people. Your instincts never lie to you when something is wrong. As an introvert, you consult your inner self. The inner voice always directs you if you can trust the other party or not. You always create a long-lasting relationship with people who are real to you and trustworthy.

You put effort into making people close to you comfortable

The feeling of being the odd one out is a common thing with outgoing extroverts. Thus when hosting someone, you like them to feel welcomed, comfortable and included. At no time do you want them to feel like they do not fit in when you are spending time together. Although at times people may drain your energy because they require a lot of your attention.

You are the life of the party when you're comfortable

When at a party that you are enjoying and the mood is right for you, you become the center of attention. When you are bored with a party and the people around you, you remain silent and soak away in thoughts.

Being an introverted extrovert is rare and unique. Do not force yourself to fit in the crowd. Accept yourself, and you will be happy.