Many of us know the horrible pain that sunburns cause, especially if you have fair skin. When you stay out in the sun too long with no sunscreen, you are most likely to get sunburnt. The worst part of sunburn is within the first 48 hours of overexposure. Other than staying out of the sun and using sunscreens, there is no real cure for sunburn. Luckily there are some essential things you should know about treating your sunburn. Treatments are no cure, but they surely help with the pains that too much sun exposure causes.

Statistics show that allowing yourself to burn by the sun too many times can increase your risk of melanoma. Melanoma is one of the most deadly types of skin cancer. So it is detrimental to be as vigilant as possible when you are in the sun, But for the times where you just can’t avoid that burn; the following remedies will help you through the healing process.


If you continue to stay in the sun after you’ve been burnt, you increase the risk of blistering, or your burn spreading further. Your skin needs to be in a cool area, with no direct sunlight. If you absolutely must be outside while you are burnt, apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30, wear clothing that covers your burn and does not absorb the sunlight.


Cool showers or baths soothe your red, inflamed skin. Try to avoid body washes and other soaps, as they might irritate the burn further. Soy or oatmeal based soaps are the best for sunburns. Keep in mind that, sand, salt water, and chlorine will all irritate and dry out a sunburn, they can also lead to infections; So please do not try to cool down your burn in a pool, or at the beach in the cool water. Hot water drys out a sunburn as well, so be sure that your shower or bath is the perfect cool temperature.


For the times that you can’t be in a nice cold shower or bath, freeze some wet washcloths, or wrap some ice in a soft towel and lay it on your sunburn in small time frames to soothe you.


Aloe vera has been used as long as I can remember to soothe sunburn. It is an all natural anti-inflammatory and cooling agent in one. It helps to seal moisture into the top layer of skin that has been broken from the burn. Hydrocortisone cream is also perfect to apply to sunburn, especially if you are at that point in healing that you feel extremely itchy. If you don’t have aloe or hydrocortisone cream, which I highly recommend getting, you can use moisturizer to keep the moisture in and your burn from drying out. It is important to use fragrance-free products on your sunburn, as fragrances often irritate your already irritated skin.


Sunburn makes your skin a lot more sensitive. Things that you typically use on your face or body may not be safe to use while you are sunburnt. Fragrances, certain makeups or lotions can irritate a burn; causing rashes, blisters, and itchiness. Keep your skin care light while you are burnt. Light moisturizers, and gentle fragrance-free cleansers only. Avoid any concealers, face maks, and exfoliants. Resist the urge to cover up the redness with your makeup; the redness will not last, be patient.


Being out in the sun too long can cause dehydration. If you get a sunburn that causes you to become even more dehydrated. It is essential that you drink plenty of water while you heal; And although drinking some alcohol may make you forget the pain for a moment, it will cause you to become even more dehydrated. It is important to stay away from alcohol while you heal


Take an Advil within 4 hours of sun overexposure. Continue to take it every four to six hours as needed until you heal. This helps to keep inflammation down, and speed up the recovery process.


Tight clothing is restrictive and is constantly rubbing on your already injured skin. Snug clothing is often painful when worn when burnt, Wear loose t-shirts, this allows your skin to breathe without being rubbed on or constricted, causing you a heck of a lot more pain.


If your skin blisters, do not pop or mess with it. Keep them clean and covered with a gauze bandage to avoid any infections. Allow your skin to air out with a dressing at night.

The sun can be very dangerous for some people. Use of sunscreen can cut down the risks of getting burnt, and the chances of you catching melanoma by 50%. Allowing yourself to become burnt willingly can lead to serious medical issues in the future. Being vigilant is key.