Ways To Elevate Your Life And Raise Your Vibrations

Ways To Elevate Your Life And Raise Your Vibrations

This world is a challenging place to live; it's hard to get away from all the negativity. There are constant updates of wars, famines, and hardship been thrown at us on the news and social media every minute of every day. Friends and family are always complaining and being negative; it's hard not to join them. But it is possible to elevate your life and your vibrations so you can rise above the chaos and negativity.


The truth is, there is a way to elevate your vibrations to a level that the world no longer seems so doom and gloom. You can elevate your life to a more magical and loving place full of synchronicities.

This doesn't mean that you will no longer go through hard times or troubles. But when you elevate your life and your vibrations, you have a different perspective on things allowing you to deal with your problems quicker, with less stress, and with more ease. You can hold your inner peace and calm and resolve issues faster.


Perspective is the key to everything, and it's all about what you choose to focus on. If you focus on problems, you will find more problems. The higher you vibrate, and the more you raise your vibrations by focusing on the good, the more comfortable and more joyful life becomes. Life becomes a natural flow rather than a constant fight against the current.

If you want to see some miraculous shifts in your life, follow these few simple steps. Within just a few short days watch the magic will start to happen. You will begin to rise above all the chaos and find new meaning and perspective in your surrounding world.


1. Practice Meditation Daily

You might think meditating every day seems like hard work. However, once you get into it, it will quickly become part of your daily routine, and you will find it works. Taking as little as 10 minutes every day to meditate will have a profound effect on your life.

Fitting meditation at any time of the day is fantastic, but the best time to meditate if you can is first thing in the morning or last thing at night.


You can either sit in a chair with both feet flat on the ground or sit on the floor with your legs crossed. If you decide to sit on the floor, use a cushion for sitting on so that your hips are slightly higher than your feet.

When you start to meditate focus on your breathing, deep, slow breaths, and try not to tune into your thoughts. If you find it hard to detach from your thoughts, here are some breathing exercises to help:
A) Focus on taking 10 deep breaths only, if you lose focus, start back at 1
B) Inhale for 4, hold for 4, then exhale for 4
C) Inhale for 5, then exhale for 7


It can also help to repeat a mantra in your mind.

To get used to meditating for 10 minutes to start with setting a time for yourself, before you know it 10 minutes will fly by in no time.

2. Focus On The Good In Your Life

"Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys." - Rita Schiano

Life is never going to be a perfect bed of roses. There will always be some struggles and hardships along the way; it's how we grow and learn. But, when you train your mind to focus on the good, the struggles are much more manageable. You will find it easier to ride out the storms of life.


Start paying attention to your thoughts, notice how much of your energy you give to the things not working out for you in contrast to the energy you spend on the things that are working for you. More often than not, we spend so much time and energy, focusing on the things going wrong, we completely forget about all that good that we have in our lives.

When you focus your attention on all the good in your life, your energy shifts, and you move into a more positive mindset. When you are in a positive mindset, you will find(as if by magic) more and more things to be positive about. Your perspective changes, making it easier for you to find solutions and change your thinking on problems that may occur.


"I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking, and then the problems fix themselves." -Louise Hay

3. Choose Kindness Over Judgement

We are our own worst critics, the majority of us judge ourselves far too severely. We can't have everything figured out and mastered. We are here to learn, grow, expand, fail, make mistakes, master, succeed, and everything else along the way. We all make mistakes, we all do the wrong thing at times, but it's all part of life.


We are spiritual beings, souls, here for the human experience. The more we can give ourselves a break, be kind to ourselves, love ourselves unconditionally, and accept ourselves, the easier life becomes.

The truth is, when you genuinely love yourself and know your worth, everything falls into place. It's as simple as that; we complicate it!

It's not just about judging ourselves; we should stop the judgment of others. Everyone is going through their own problems and walking their path. Like us, others are here to do their own thing, make their mistakes, learn, and grow in their own way. So try not to judge.


Look at others for who they are, a spiritual soul here trying to make it through and figure things out just like you.

4. Remember Your Purpose Is Love

So what is my purpose? So many of us want to know what's our purpose, but it's straightforward, your purpose is not something you suddenly find, who you are is your purpose.

Being the real authentic you is your purpose, living your truth, and the only truth is love. When you remain true to yourself and honoring your soul, you will always be led to your highest path.


Try not to put too much emphasis on what your purpose is, or try to make it some vast extravagant thing. Just be yourself, stay true to your authentic self and ask yourself, how can I love myself and others more?