Ways To Attract More Positive Relationships In Your Life

The people we surround ourselves with significantly impact our general well-being and can make life more joyous or tedious. There is no limit to the amount of positive good vibe people we can have in our lives. It’s been shown time and time again that people who live the happiest, fullest lives are those who surround themselves with positive people and have a positive support network.

Most of us have gone through toxic relationships at some stage in our lives, be it with a romantic partner, a friend, or a work colleague. Some of us have broken free from the binds, while some of you may still be battling to get out of the situation. Others have managed to get out of them, overcome them and move on with their lives.

You might be questioning yourself, how the heck did I get roped into this relationship cycle to being with? There may be many reasons and all vary of explanations, the important thing to keep in mind, is we attract who we are, we attract what we put out into the Universe. When you can understand this and take an honest look at our relationships that have had difficulties, things start to make sense.

Below are some methods to keep in mind if you want to start attracting more positive relationships in all areas of your life:

1. Move Away From Negative Spaces

Even if it’s your home, if the place you live fills you with negative feelings, drains you, and makes you feel down, then is it worth staying there to feel more miserable? If it’s possible to move, maybe it’s time to consider this option. If that’s not possible, then you should try something to clear your space of negative energy.

Negative space can also be inside your head. If you’re constantly thinking negative thoughts, this will reflect in everything and everyone you encounter throughout your life. Time to take stock of your thoughts. You have control over your thoughts, so make them positive ones!

2. Stop Complaining

Complaining all the time and making yourself the victim does nothing other than drain you or your energy and that of others around you. If you want to make a positive change in your life, the first step is to stop complaining. Try and look for the good in every situation. No matter how dire, there is always something good to be found. Once you start making an effort to see the good in things, you will find more things to be positive about. Surrounding yourself with others who only moan and complain becomes suffocating too. It’s a constant cycle of negativity that just you can put a halt to by setting healthy boundaries.

3. Love Yourself

You will never attract healthy, positive relationships if you don’t love and respect yourself. When you love yourself( not in an egotistical way!) and have confidence in yourself and your capabilities, you attract similar people. What you put out with your “vibe” is what you will attract back to you. If you don’t respect yourself, you will attract others who also have no respect for you.

4. Acknowledge and Accept Your Past, But Don’t Dwell In It

Our past has shaped us, changed us, and made us who we are today. You grow and learn from your past, so don’t ever look back with regret because every mistake or wrong turn has helped you to get to where you are today. Our mistakes don’t define us, accept them as valuable lessons, take what you have learned, and be grateful for the experience. You need to let go, live in the now, and focus on the present.

5. Know Your Power, Believe In Yourself

If we start to believe in other people’s perception of us, we are handing over our power to them. Your personal power is not something people can take from you, but it’s something we give away, and all too often, we give it away freely without realizing it. Stand up for yourself and your truth. Your value isn’t found in someone else’s opinion of you. If you believe in something, speak it, stand in your truth no matter what. Then you will start to attract the right kind of people into your support network.

6. Look For The Good In Everything

Everything happens for a reason, the reason may not always be apparent, but if you look, there will be a positive in there somewhere. Even the darkest moments have a lesson in them for you to learn. Make it a habit of finding something good in everything and watching how this small act of finding positives will bring you more and more reasons to be positive.

7. Live In The Now

Be mindful of your thoughts, be present in the now to enjoy each moment. Live each day enjoying each second by being present for it. Focus on the people around you on what they say or do. Be mindful of each moment throughout your day, and you will begin to recognize all the positive people and things in your life.

8. Be Grateful

Be grateful for everything in your life, even the tiniest of things. Doing this opens you up to a world of things to be thankful for. Be grateful for everyone that crosses your path, whether it was a good or bad experience as every one of them has taught you a lesson along the way, so give thanks. When you begin to appreciate all the good in your life, you can’t help but attract more things to be thankful for.