Ways That Girls With Big Hearts And Sarcastic Minds Love Differently

Ways That Girls With Big Hearts And Sarcastic Minds Love Differently

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand a girl who has a big heart with a sarcastic mind when it comes to love. Girls with big hearts are sweet and nice. They are easy-going, understanding, and lovable, but on the other hand, sarcastic girls can be very insensitive and snide.

Just imagine loving a girl who has all of these features. Aren't these unique and distinguishing characteristics? Nonetheless, this kind of lady loves differently as demonstrated below.

She lacks a filter

This kind of girl will always be bold and confident with her words. She feels the pain of hiding what she has. Her comments are full of sincerity. She gives information the way it is(raw, unedited, and not evaluated). She is one person who doesn't fear saying something in a group of friends.

Being vulnerable is not her being

She can love to the extreme, but she can also hate to the fullest. You need to be good for her. Who needs to face the wrath of this person?

Experiences challenges in being open

Do you need a person who experiences challenges with vulnerable parts? If you are an impatient person, you won't survive with this girl.

She might appear indifferent

Yes, she may seem indifferent at times, but you know what? She is just nice at committing herself to you.

She is soft

Whoever said don't judge a book by its cover was right. Despite this kind of person being considered cruel by her outer act, she has a soft spot in her heart.

Has admirable listening skills

Who has ever heard of a person with a big heart having poor listening skills? If so, then you probably met the wrong person.

She is un-doubtful and certain in love affairs

Even if someone has a sarcastic mind on matters of love, it doesn't mean that they can not love to the fullest. Such ladies are no exception. Once they are in love with you, that's it. Never doubt this.

She is humorous

Who hates a creative person? No one! This is one person who is always creative with her words and can play along with crude jokes. This feature makes this kind of girl easily win the heart of people.

Exhibits feature of acknowledging one's effort

Appreciating effort is what this girl understands. Even though on numerous occasions she may make fun of you, this girl will forever appreciate your effort however small it appears.

She loves souvenirs

Whoever wants to see this girl smile must offer her thoughtful little gifts.

She has tons of love in her heart

Her love comes naturally. Despite failing to project her exterior image of love, this is one person who is hopelessly romantic. She has an inner drive for love.

Not able to declare her love status publicly

You need to dig deep to find her inner feelings. Her walls are strong but can be broken down by the right guy.

She is considerate and very thoughtful

She underrates the thinking capacity of people via humor.

She is gentle with her actions

By the way, because she is cruel and rough within her environment doesn't mean that she likes it rough in bed. (not always anyway)

She is sensitive

Don't let her outer act fool you. She is just as delicate as any other girl.