Ways A Woman Hurt By A Narcissist Loves Differently

Ways A Woman Hurt By A Narcissist Loves Differently

When she met him, she knew it was love at first sight. Everything felt so right. Her heartbeat increased, and she was eager for him to approach her and say 'Hi.' When he did and asked to know her better, she gave her all to him without thinking twice. She was sure that she made the right choice. He was good-looking and had an unexplainable power over her. The problem was, he was a damn liar, but that didn't matter to her at the time. When she finally saw him for who he really was, she left him.

But, she didn't leave without scars. He ruined her. Her relationship with the narcissist changed how she loves. Here are some ways that she loves differently now:

She doesn't easily trust

Before, he'd say he was having a night out with the boys, and she'd believe him. She allowed him to control her. He lied to her over and over. It made her doubt any guy that says he loves her, no matter how honest he may be. She knows better now.

She always expects something bad to happen

It happened before, so why not now? She's sure the guy she's now dating will cheat on her or hurt her in one way or another. She can bet on it. The idea of nice guys existing is a lie to her. She believes that at any time, he'll show her what he's really like.

She ruins everything nice

It's not her fault. The narcissist left her with some pretty nasty scars. She believes that love can never be as sweet as it was. She's always looking for that one reason to leave the guy she's with. She is convinced he'll hurt her eventually as the previous guy did.

She yearns to feel secure

After such an unpleasant experience, the last thing she needs is another heartless monster making things worse. She longs for a guy who'll whisper into her ear that she's safe in his arms, that he'll fight all her battles for her and love her unconditionally. She wants someone who will once again put a smile on her face.

The word 'love' isn't in her vocabulary

Before, it was the most precious word she'd ever come across. She felt it so intensely. After the narcissist came and toyed with her heart, he completely erased it from her mind and heart. She isn't ready to love again. Not any time soon anyway.

She has no idea what true love is

She had a taste of love in her previous relationship until that darn narcissist played with her heart. It totally broke her. Now, she's acting weird around the guy in her life. His way of love isn't what she's used to, so she's having a hard time adjusting to him and loving him back.

She's always sorry

In her previous relationship with the narcissist, he made her believe that everything was her fault. She kept apologizing, even when she wasn't the reason something went wrong. She's carried this habit into her new relationship. She can't help it.